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2BayAngel Story

  • Three Breast Augmentations

  • Ruptured Silicone Implants - Replacement Breast Implants


In 1988, 4 years after my first son was born, I decided to have Breast Augmentation with a BCPS in Utah. Being young and having no one with experience to share, I kept it a secret.  Within a year, I developed capsular contracture and the plastic surgeon manually manipulated the capsule constriction (ouch). No change! Of course, I presumed it was sort of normal for the way the implants looked. Little did I know.


As the years went by, my breasts became firmer & harder. This always made me very self-conscious about them and getting too close to people.


I always made some lame excuse regarding my body build. I said with my muscular tone, “I’m just firm.” Thank goodness for good genes, it works till this day, as I don’t like to exercise due to bad back & knees. I grew up being very athletic in sports and dance until my injuries forced me into a change of lifestyle.


I went thru a very difficult divorce in 1988 and later remarried. Soon, I had my second son. In the back of my mind, I always wanted to have my breast implants replaced, but could not afford it back then. As a result, it became more of a luxury “want” than a “need.”


I continued to feel insecure and became more self-conscious about my FIRM breasts. I didn’t like to hug people too closely and avoided it if all possible. Since we couldn’t afford a replacement, I just let it go and no longer saw them as a priority. At one point, I became involved in the national silicone implant class action lawsuit. Although I received some minor compensation from that, the money went towards family needs.


In 1992, soon after my second divorce, I again remarried. I had finally found my soul mate and confidant. We soon had a daughter. After she was born, I noticed lumps in my breasts. At the time, a rupture was not detected. I was told they were probably only “fatty tumors.” Since, I’m a "fashionista", I over compensated in clothing and accessories to boost my personal confidence. In the meantime, I began having many aches and pains. These seemed concentrated on my right side and included numbness. Tests, tests, tests!


In 1995, I had a mammogram & was referred for a breast MRI to confirm the implant ruptures.


At that time, my husband was working on his career and our future, but I was fortunate to have been able to stay home with our 3 children. It was finally less of a financial situation I faced than an uncertainty.


Should I remove them and go without? How will I cope with the decision afterwards? I struggled with the possibilities and self-doubts for some time. I felt confident in that my husband has great expertise in Diagnostic Imaging and we decided to monitor them closely. But as time went by, the rupture seemed less of a priority once again.


I have always felt freakish of how they looked, but afraid to take the path towards replacement. My lifestyle is a very, very hectic and I never seem to have much free time on hand. I love my family and always put them first.


At last, I shifted my focus on the Tummy Tuck, but ended up dealing with another surgery gone wrong. Went in for a minor tuck and woke up without a new bellybutton and worse nightmare because it’s off to one side. I felt like an alien and had sunk into a deep depression. I addressed the issues with the plastic surgeon and his response was “it’s difficult to make a 9 into a 10” - nice thing for him to say, don't you think?


Three revisions later and another is temporarily on-hold. I went back to the redo and after numerous consults, made the decision to have the implants removed & replaced with a new generation of silicone.


During my last research for "THE" plastic surgeon, I came across Dr Frederic Corbin’s website. As I went through his site in tears, I called my husband to tell him I had found "THE" one. I saw those beautiful girls on there knowing and wanting the chance to look beautiful again. I made my first consult.


We drove 500 miles from the San Francisco Bay area to his surgical center in Brea, California. While we were waiting to be seen, we watched his patients coming through the waiting room with absolutely gorgeous breasts! My husband was readily convinced he was indeed "THE" one.


After the consult, were without a doubt to proceed with great joy. I had my pre-op that same day and scheduled my Breast Augmentation and nipple reduction for the next available surgical slot in 2 weeks. I then cancelled my breast augmentation that I had made with another plastic surgeon located closer to home.


Unfortunately, due to my ethnic and healing process, I soon developed capsular contracture. I was again very depressed and saddened to see my big, beautiful, natural looking breasts going through those unfortunate changes.


Dr Corbin wanted to wait and see if the additional medication and continued massage would reverse the development. Sadly, at my 3-months post-op visit, he confirmed the inevitable and agreed to revise them using a different technique.


Well, it was great opportunity for me to go to a larger size. So, instead of using the same implants, I went up in size on Jan 20, 2009. For all the girls facing the capsular contracture complications, please, I implore you not to procrastinate with the hope the boobies’ fairy will come. From having been there on both sides of the fences, I know. You’ll have to be "THE ONE". I pray you will not have to wait as long I as I did and suffer through the pain and emotional hell as I have. Make the time; don’t wait for the time!




                 2BayAngels Pre-Op                                2BayAngels Post Op - 800cc Silicone HP



                          Ruptured Silicone Implant - caused by Capsular Contracture    





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