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AusGirl - Maria’s Story

  • Breast Reduction


I became all too aware of my breasts at the tender age of 12 when my little buds suddenly became C cups virtually overnight.  I was teased and taunted at school and the boys were merciless.  I was miserable with my boobs until age 17 when my body grew into them and I could finally say I loved them.


The romance was to end bitterly.   By the time I was 22 years of age I was a D…not that bad except that I barely weighed 105lbs so I was all boobs at 5’2”.   I fell pregnant at 28 but lost the baby.  With this pregnancy my breasts went from D to DD.  I had my first child at age 30 and went from DD to F then back to DD…. my third pregnancy ended in miscarriage and I went from DD to E…with the birth of my second child I ended up a EE but if I were really honest I would say that I was probably more an F.


I carried those babies (the boobs not the humans) for 14 years wishing I had the courage to have a reduction.  I used this time to gather my information and research.  In the spring of 2006 I was at a BBQ with friends when someone said to me “you better not eat anymore or your boobs will get bigger” to which a roar of laughter followed.  I was totally devastated and humiliated.  I cried all the way home and my DH did all he could to comfort me but it was no use.  That day my self esteem hit the lowest of the low and I decided that it was time.


I went to two consults that left me less than happy.  I think bedside manner should be taught as a subject to all medical students.  I came out of the medical rooms feeling worse than when I went in.  Third time luckily I went to a seminar given by my Plastic Surgeon.  He had pre/post op pictures and a great selection of patients at the ready to talk to and ask questions.  His theory was that it was no use asking him about recovery because he could not talk from experience, he could only detail the procedure, risks and benefits.  So after a wonderful evening of speaking to BR patients and the surgeon, I made an appointment for December 17, 2006 to be assessed and photographed.


I came out of my first consultation with my plastic surgeon positively elated.  I had a date.  May 22nd 2007.  As I had booked a holiday for April my plastic surgeon would not risk doing the procedure and me going off only weeks later and developing possible complications.  The day finally came and I arrived at the hospital filled with fear.  I am scared of hospitals, needles and anything medical.  But I went through it and could not believe how easy it had been.  I stayed in hospital for two days but really there was no need as one night would have been ample. 


I had the Lejour method of reduction and my PS had warned me that due to my size, I may need two procedures to get the size right.  I went home and had a relatively uneventful recovery with the exception of some crystallization which had to be removed via a small hole that was made in my vertical incision.  No biggie.  It closed up after a few weeks during which time I had gauze on it to absorb the leakage.  My scars healed very well, although the hole did leave a not so nice bit of scarring.


I had 2 weeks off work and went back rather happy with myself. 


At the three month mark my boobs had dropped and fluffed and unfortunately they dropped and fluffed into a DD/E.  Not bad considering I had 2kgs total removed from them (4.4lbs).  Anyhow, I called my plastic surgeon and met with him.  He agreed that they were still too big for my body and suggested a redo.  Boy did I need some time to think about that one.  I think I cried me a river at this stage… It took me eight months to decide that I would not be happy unless I did try to at least make them smaller.  I loved their shape but I was still too busty and everyone still talked to my chest.


On the 10th September 2008 and had my second breast reduction.  I ended up having the entire breast reduction procedure over again, not just a revision. I was in hospital one night and home next day.  A total of 950grms (2.1 lbs) was removed the second time around.   I have had three weeks of nothing but rest and I am now starting to feel like my old self again.  I am hoping to end up a large C or small D and it looks like I will be happy this time.  My aim was never to be boob-less because I love boobs…I just wanted “normal” sized boobs and great cleavage.


The best things that has come from this journey for me has been the fact that people talk to “me” now and not my boobs.  My confidence has skyrocketed because I am no longer a freak, I can jog and run, I can buy clothes that don’t make me look like I am 70 years old.  I feel refreshed and I love to get dressed and go out.  I feel young again, well a young 49 anyway.


The very best thing to have come from this journey - is that I have made a handful of true friends who care about me and I know we will be friends for life.  It has also given me motivation to start my own business with a wonderful woman I met here on the forum.  I thank God for her everyday because she is a wonderful friend.


That is my story.  I am so glad I got to tell it.



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