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Bailey's Story

  • Four Breast Augmentations

  • Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty

  • Lip Augmentation (fat grafting and fillers)

  • Botox

  • IPL Lasers


I started my Breast Augmentation journey back in the mid 1980’s when I finally decided that enough was enough with having small breasts.  I was going to take the plunge and have implants put in.  I was in my early twenties at the time and had a very good job so everything was right about the timing.  I have always been thin – 5’-6” tall and usually around 110 lbs. sometimes less, and not having much breast tissue seem to add to how small I was all around.  I wanted to appear fuller so I could finally have some curves.


  • My First Breast Augmentation

I already knew who was going to be doing my surgery.  My plastic surgeon’s name was Dr. Stanley Morgan, located in Pasadena, California.  He had helped me through a very traumatic time when I was younger with an accident, so I knew this was the plastic surgeon I trusted.  At the consult, I was told I could get 250ccs., and this was really all I wanted to be, as I thought at that time a C cup was huge.  I started out with a large A – small B going into this procedure.  The implants were called a bi-lumen implant, with the silicone in the middle and saline outer core around the outside.  At this time, all breast augmentations were traditionally placed over the muscle.  I was so excited to finally have this done, as one of my good friends was Dr. Morgan’s nurse, and she helped me through the entire process.


Dr. Morgan had an in office surgical suite, and I also had this procedure done with local anesthetic and IV sedation (with valium).  The PS had given me a valium tablet to take before coming into the surgery so I would be relaxed.  Once I got there, I got undressed and the nurse administered another shot of Valium (IM).  I was floating at this point.  I walked into the OR suite, where Dr. Morgan started an IV and I had just a very light cocktail.  I was not put under to have this procedure done, but I did drift in and out during the operation.  I was done in less than hour, and I went home in just a bra and because I had smooth shell implants, I was to massage my breasts as often as possible.  I remember I was on top of the world; I had the most beautiful breasts I had ever imagined.  I didn’t need anything stronger than Darvocet for recovery pain for this procedure.  It was the most liberating feeling I have ever experienced in my lifetime (up to then), having this procedure done.  I was never so happy.


Two years passed, and a lot happened in my life, I got married and my husband and I were soon expecting our son. Suddenly, my breasts grew to a very full DD during the time I was pregnant; and loving every minute of it.  I could tell before my breasts became engorged with milk, that the implants were getting a little firm, but didn’t give much thought about it.  After the birth of my son, because of my career, I decided to forgo breastfeeding, so I decided to take the dry up pills that were available at that time.  After all my milk had dried up I noticed my breast implants were still firm.  My size returned with no problem and there were no battle scars of having a baby!  I was very fortunate not to get any stretch marks.  My implants still looked great – but they were firmer than normal.  It wasn’t too long after this time that I noticed the implants were getting excruciatingly firm and I started to have severe pain.  The distortion of the breasts from the capsular constriction was very noticeable. I decided at that point to go back to the plastic surgeon to find out what was going on, as I knew in my heart I had the dreaded capsular contracture.


Upon examining me, Dr. Morgan told me I did indeed have at least Stage III capsular contracture.  He felt with a “closed capsulectomy”, that this would help loosen up the harden scar tissue in the capsule.  I personally had never experienced anything quite as painful in my life as having a closed capsulectomy on Stage III capsular contracture.  He did advise me that I should consider another surgery; however, this was around the time that my husband and I started to try for another child.  So, I decided to not have the surgical intervention at that time.  I know how much your breasts change during pregnancy, and I didn’t want to waste money on surgery until I was through having children.  I lived with this problem for over 6 years, as unfortunately as fate would have it, I was having a great amount of difficulty of carrying another child to term.  I went through several miscarriages throughout these years, and it took a toll on me emotionally and physically.  By this time my breast implants were in Stage IV Capsular Contracture and visibly distorted and as hard as bricks.



  • My Second Breast Augmentation

The breast implants were so hard and distorted it was unbearable to sleep on my stomach.  And forget about lying on my stomach at the beach!  The only way I could do that was to dig two holes in the sand where my breasts would go.  The implants were like rocks, which were totally unmovable. 


By the time I make it back to Dr. Morgan’s office, he informed me that he was retiring, and that my current plastic surgeon will be buying him out Dr. Daniel Casper - Pasadena, California became my plastic surgeon at that point.  I was pretty much a mess too, but I was very fortunate as I had very good health insurance and would pay for bilateral open capsulectomies.  All I needed to do was to pay for the new silicone implants.  I was excited to get these rocks out of my chest!


Dr. Casper suggested that I go with silicone 450ccs. textured implants over the muscle.  He felt it was better to keep the placement I had, since I was active physically.  Due to the fact he knew the surgery was going to take longer because of the advanced capsular contracture I had, it was scheduled to be performed over in the Huntington Outpatient Surgery Center, as he felt I might need general anesthesia this time.  


Everything was set, or so I thought, until Dr. Casper’s nurse at that time thought that 450ccs. would be much too big on me.  I listened to her analogy of why she felt the implants would be too large for my frame, and was swayed into going with smaller implants.  I decided on 350ccs. silicone textured implants.  Regrettably, I wish I would have gone with Dr. Casper’s suggestion, however expensive lesson learned – listen to your plastic surgeon – as they have the expertise and the knowledge of knowing what is best for your body.  And he also knew I wanted to be bigger.  Unfortunately, all of this was before any internet forums were around, so I didn’t have the support group or the advice from other plastic surgery patients to help me decide on a size. 


The surgery was a lot more complicated than expected, over three hours long. I had gotten a lot of saline through my IV during the operation, and was not catherized, so needless to say I really was miserable when I woke up, as I needed to get to the restroom STAT!  Dr. Casper went out to the waiting room where my husband was waiting and told him the surgery was successful and that the capsules that the implants were so hardened with scar tissue that he could have literally broken a window with them, they were literally like rocks.  The amazing thing was the original implants were perfectly intact, with no problem at all to them. It still amazes me; that the implants could be inside of me in the worst of conditions possible with Stage IV Capsular Contracture for over six years, and come out completely fine. 


This time waking up from the surgery I could really feel an elephant on my chest this time, much worse than the first breast augmentation.  I was wrapped in an ace wrap with a bra underneath.  I was instructed not to lift or do anything at all for the first six weeks after surgery.  No lifting anything over 10 lbs., no vacuuming, no ironing, no activity with any excessive arm movement.  I also was instructed not to get the incisions wet at all, so no showering until the sutures would be removed.  I was allowed to take sponge baths and I also had my husband help me with washing my hair in the sink.


The pain from recovery was much more intense this time because of the work that had to be done due to the capsular contracture.  I was bruised this time as well which didn’t seem to occur the first time around. All in all, these implants were perfect in everyway and I was really happy that I had nice soft breasts again, however I still regretted from the first day about settling on a smaller size.  But I couldn’t complain about how perfect they were. I ended up having these implants for over eight years.



  • My Third Breast Augmentation

So the dreaded “boobie-greed” bug was upon me in full force finally, and I decided to go ahead and make an appointment with Dr. Casper about going larger again.  This time I was not going to listen to anyone else but my plastic surgeon, and I knew I wanted to go big!


Dr. Casper decided on McGhan 600ccs. High Profile Silicone textured implants – over the muscle.  This time because there were no complications at all, I was to have the surgery at his surgery center located in his office.  I was going to have twilight anesthesia – and I was on top of the world.   This was one of the easiest breast augmentations I had.  I was wrapped again in an ace bandage with a bra underneath after I had the surgery.


I was so use to going braless with the smaller 350ccs. implants, that I thought I could do the same with the newer larger ones!  This was the wrong mistake to make.


These implants because they were high profile implants were very narrow width wise, and had a ton of projection from the sides.  They started to appear like nuclear warheads ready to be launched.   Getting use to the narrower implant with this projection did take some time.   Within a several months after the surgery, I began to notice how the creases were not lining up, and I was pretty distraught!  I had severe pain underneath in the crease area on the left side; that started to show that I was slightly bottoming out.   I should have never been going braless with such big implants with over the muscle placement!  It hadn’t even been a year, and the results were totally ruined!  I also had lost a significant amount of weight, and the first place I lose weight is always in my chest area.  You could see the “traction rippling” occurring from the textured implants all along the top portion of my cleavage area.  I knew I had to get this fixed, as I was so unhappy with what had happened.



  • My Fourth Breast Augmentation

Being an administrator on another internet forum prompted me to finally do my homework with what was going to be the right choice for my body and for me.  After my consultation with Dr. Casper, he agreed with me that I was going to try Mentor 700ccs. High Profile Implants, Smooth Shell, over the muscle.  I wanted this to be my last breast augmentation for awhile!  Dr. Casper was going to fix my slight bottoming out by reinforcing my creases.   This surgery was done in his surgery center located in his office and again under twilight anesthesia.  Everything went perfect….without a hitch.  This time I was sent home just wearing a bra. 


It has now been over 6 years post operative since this procedure, and everything is still perfect!  I had promised my plastic surgeon this time that I would never go without a bra again.   I wear one 24/7, even to bed.  These breasts are still very perky and I have never needed a lift throughout all of these years. 


Over 25 years since my first breast augmentation; and the things I have learned along the way have been insurmountable!  Listen to your plastic surgeon and do not ever take into your own hands what you deem is right for yourself.  The surgeons know best, they know your anatomy and what your body can and cannot handle.  I have never had one post operative complication.  Why?  Because I listen to my plastic surgeon’s advice and I never challenged it.  


I currently have had implants going on over 25 years, and I have never had one post op complication.  Your plastic surgeon gives you these instructions so that you will have an easier time with your recovery.  Remember to listen and follow through on all of their instructions.  It makes for a win-win situation! I do hope my current implants will last me a long time, as I am perfectly content with the results.  I finally have the size I always longed for……and the look I always hoped for. 




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