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BeachGirl Story (Julie)

  • Breast Reduction


My story starts like most of the others, in my early teens I was quite flat chested and played a lot of sport; then the chest grew and grew and didn’t know when to stop....... Like most teenagers and young women I felt proud initially of my ample bust, until I noticed the extra unwanted attention it drew. Throughout my senior year at high school I spent considerable amount of time in traction to try and help with the back, neck and shoulder pain I had suddenly developed, I had been diagnosed with minor scoliosis a few years earlier. During this time I was also experiencing migraines. I never once thought any of this could be caused by the size of my bust.


Fast forward to my late twenties, my mum was considering having a Breast Reduction, she also suffered back pain and felt uncomfortable with the unwanted attention and frustration at never being able to get clothing to fit easily. Part of my  assistance with her decision making process was to suggest that if she was sick of carrying these things around for the last 25 years, how was she going cope with the next? My mum had her breast reduction at the age of 52. It’s much easier to convince my mother that this was the right thing to do for herself, convincing myself when my time came was a lot more difficult.


By the time I reached 35, I had had my two beautiful children and both were at the age where they were heading off to school and kindergarten, breastfeeding was over and done with, although with my eldest I never should have bothered (but that is a whole other story).  I was sitting in the park one day with a friend having lunch and some younger men walked past, my friend was checking them out, but all I remember was their comment “Check out the big knockers on the blonde one” not too subtle at all... I was so embarrassed, how appropriate that my friend and I had just been talking about me considering having a BR done, now she could understand why. Now was the time to consider having surgery, I knew that I always wanted it but was I game enough to go through with it?


I consulted my regular physician, and a plastic surgeon, I was told that due to my medical reasons my surgery would be covered, I would not need to pay a cent. So financially I had no reason to hesitate, my concerns were with the physical...... would I like how they look? Would I lose a nipple? Would they still be responsive? Is it worth it? Does my back really hurt that much?


I started looking around the internet and researching trying to find anyone in a similar situation, I discovered an amazing forum with ladies from all over the world who had gone through this experience, I made some great ‘friendships’ and found the support I needed. I found heaps of inspirational stories and felt ready to do this, I looked at a ton of photos, and that was when I began to have doubts.


My breasts weren’t a big as everyone else, yes they were big for me but most ladies were larger than me in both band and cup size, I was wearing a 32F but I felt ‘unworthy’ there were so many ladies that needed this more than I. Was I being selfish? Conceited? Greedy? Messing with nature? Putting myself in unnecessary risk? The more I thought about it the more I questioned everything; I was over analyzing and having doubts.


There was only one thing I could do, I posted my photos...... ninety percent of the reaction I received were not to do the surgery, they looked fine...... looked being the operative word ....they didn’t treat me fine. My dilemma continued, I had fantastic support from the ladies of the forum they all knew what I was feeling, they had been there, but my story was different, my boobs didn’t hang down to my waist, they weren’t odd looking, they didn’t even look large; however they were large for me. I went back to my plastic surgeon armed with photos of what I would like, would it be possible? What was the worse that could happen, would I regret having surgery? My plastic surgeon filled me with confidence, after looking at the photos he advised that he would try to make me look even better than them. So my date was booked, and I still had doubts.


The week before my surgery, I was constantly on the forum talking to everyone I knew, convincing myself and them that this was the right thing for me, but still I was unsure, I was so worried that I would regret it. The day of my surgery arrived and I was finally excited, this was it, and I felt comfortable with my decision. My husband had been extremely supportive throughout the whole process, but still I didn’t even tell him all my fears, I told them to the ladies of the forum, the faceless friends I had made who knew exactly what I was thinking and feeling.


My surgery was a success!! The first thing I did when I was thinking clearly was to check my nipples, could I feel them? Yes!!  And once I could walk around, I noticed immediately the change in my posture and how much ‘lighter’ I felt. I lost nearly 400gms from each breast, but have been advised that this had equated to removing between 5-10 kgs of pressure off of my back. I still have scoliosis, that will always cause me some pain, but since surgery I don’t have anywhere near as much as before and the migraines have gone.


My recovery was simple and swift, I had my bosom buddies to guide me through and as long as I stuck to ‘Princess Duties’ for the first couple of weeks, everything should work out fine. The first couple of days were the worst in regards to pain, but after that the discomfort I had felt no worse than a sunburn. My plastic surgeon was very happy with my result and I used ‘hypafix’ tape for the first three months to help with scar reduction and the healing process.


Having my Breast Reduction was one of the best things I have ever done for myself, the first time I went clothes shopping and tried on clothes in my ‘right’ size, I cried tears of joy. This summer I can buy bikinis and swimsuits for ‘normal’ people and not have to worry about looking for something reducing.


So I thank all the ladies from the forum, my breast friends, without you I wouldn’t have gone through with this, the support and voices of reason were right here when I needed them most, and I can’t thank you all enough.


In closing I would like to say, a couple of week after my surgery, my daughter who was 6 at the time, said “Mummy will I have to have a boobie operation like you and Nannie did, when I am a big girl?” My answer was simple “Honey if you do, its ok, I will always be here to support you, but always remember......... It’s your choice”


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