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Norma’s Story

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Revision Breast Augmentation
  • Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair


I had my first Breast Augmentation in February 2006.  I was starting out a 38B/C and aiming for a DD.  My Plastic Surgeon and I had agreed on getting the implants under the muscle, smooth, round, crease incision, moderate-plus.  Additionally I was getting a mini-lift.  I also opted for an additional cost to get my breast augmentation to be done at a local Surgery Center and not his Surgical Suite.


I arrived at the Center and 6:00 am and was met by my plastic surgeon who drew on me where everything was going to be done and confirmed what we would do.  Then I was wheeled into surgery and given general anesthesia.


Two hours later I was wheeled back to my room and allowed to recover fully before I was allowed to go home with my husband.  We were also told by my PS what had been done.  We were told that it took 575/550 cc’s to reach a DD size because of my wide breast width, then he told us that once he got inside me, I had plenty of dense breast tissue, so he ended up  going with over the muscle placement to make my recovery faster and easier.  I then was allowed to recover and told to come to his office in two days to be checked, unless I felt anything weird or out of the ordinary – in which I was instructed to either call or come in immediately.


At my first post-op my plastic surgeon took the bandages off and my husband and I got the first look of my new assets. I was swollen and of course the implants were high, my stitches around my halo look good and we were very happy. He told me I could go back to work, but be careful and no heavy lifting. I continued to heal over the next few weeks, and only had several days were I felt like the pressure was intense, like someone sitting on my chest tearing apart my chest!


During the 4th week is when I had a problem arise.  One day I was at home laying down waiting for my husband to come home from work.  I had fallen a sleep, when I awoke I was in intense pain.  I went to the mirror and my right side of my boob towards my shoulder had blown up like the “hunchback”!  I quickly called my PS and he said come right in. At that time my husband had just arrived home and we rushed to his office.  Upon arriving he checked me out and told me it looked like a hematoma, and from the size I needed emergency surgery.  He took me, prepped me, and got me into his surgical suite. 


After two hours of emergency surgery my husband was told by my plastic surgeon what had happened. Yes, I had a hematoma, and he drained 1400 ccs. of blood out of my chest.  He removed my implant, found the leak and sealed it.  The plastic surgeon then re-inserted my implant and refilled it back up. But during the procedure, due to my great loss of blood my blood pressure dropped very low and he almost rushed me into the actual hospital.  He gave me fluid and it slowly went back up.  He kept me another two hours and then let my husband take me home.  But I had to start recovery all over again from the start!


Once that was corrected I healed and within 3 months with my over the muscle placement I dropped and fluffed into a full DD.  I have since had a tummy tuck, with muscle repair and another Breast Augmentation to go larger.  I am now a 32G.





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