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Sheila’s Journey

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Revision Breast Augmentation


My Breast Augmentation journey started when I was 16 years old.  I know from a very young age that I would someday do this.  Growing up in high school and having the feelings of not being adequate enough, that someday I would show all the girls in the locker room up.  


My big day came on February 5, 2007, when I went in for my first breast augmentation procedure.  I had waited almost 20 years before I was finally able to do this – and it was not an easy journey for me to get there.  During my first marriage I could not afford this procedure, so I decided to get a job and opened up a savings account and start saving every dime.  However, it was not be sadly, even though I had almost the entire surgery paid for – my marriage was breaking up and I had to get a divorce.  I cancelled my surgery and got a refund – and finally got a divorce.


I began to think that my dream of having breasts would never come true.  I ended up getting remarried and low and behold; found out that my new hubby was not a “breast man”.  Aside from that factor, my new husband was the man of my dreams.  During the next five years I tried to get my dear husband to warm up to the idea – and he always retorted with saying it was an unnecessary surgery.  He didn’t want me to take the risk of undergoing elective surgery, so I respected his feelings and put my dreams on hold again.  From time to time I tried talking to him about this procedure and pleading my case, but he was not giving in to my attempts.


One night I made a comment about how my breasts were changing as I was getting older, and then out of the blue – he finally told me to go ahead and get the breast augmentation.  He knew in his heart that I would never be happy until I do this, so I guess he knew me well!   The following morning I was on the phone with plastic surgeon’s offices making appointments for getting the consults lined up.


My first consult did not go so well, as my husband did not care for the surgeon’s personality.  So, I moved on to the second consult, hoping that this was not going to be a repeat performance.  The second appointment went exceptionally well and my husband really liked the plastic surgeon.  I was so excited; I proceeded to getting the financing in place, so I could schedule the surgery.  I scheduled my surgery and was ready to go.  The surgery went well; however it did take longer than normal to come out of the anesthesia.   I ended up with 450cc silicone implants – under the muscle – moderate profile – crease incision.  Before surgery, I was a 36A and after surgery I was measuring a 36D.


My first week after the surgery was difficult due to the implant placement, being under the muscle, but other than that everything was great.  About four months later after my first surgery, I noticed the right implant had not dropped yet.  My plastic surgeon scheduled a second surgery to release the scar tissue.  After the surgery, I felt an immediate difference in the feel of the implant.  Finally everything was perfect.


Fast forward a year, and that horrible “boobie greed” bug had bitten me.  After re-consulting with my plastic surgeon, he agreed that I was able to go to larger implants. I scheduled surgery May 22, 2008.  We agreed to go up to 800cc silicone implants.  This surgery was a breeze and I love being this size, I am a 36F now.


Unfortunately as fate would have it, I ended up with complications from this last surgery.  I ended up bottoming out on the right side, so after the first of this coming year – 2009, I am going to schedule a revision surgery to have this fixed.  I am having the creases reinforced with permanent sutures to help hold up the implant and to get my creases even.


Having this surgery has been such a wonderful thing for me, and I would do this again in a heartbeat.  It has been so worth it to have my self esteem back.  The journey you take might have unexpected twists and turns in the road – but all in all, it has been the most satisfying thing I have ever done for myself.  I just love when someone is looking at me now, and they are thinking “oh my, did you see how big her boobs are”.  I know this is happening all the time, as my mother in law recently watched a guy say something to his girlfriend about my breasts, as his girlfriend turned around to look at me……I just smiled at her and said to myself, “I know, aren’t they great?” 


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