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Alaskana’s Story

  • Breast Augmentation & Mastopexy - Benelli Lift

  • Lipoplasty (Liposuction) – 6,200cc Removed

  • Platysmaplasty – Neck Lift

  • Abdominoplasty

  • Labiaplasty


After viewing many cosmetic surgery and makeover programs on cable stations, I made the decision to have the surgery in 2003.  However, the driving force was the untold sadness after my dear mother was killed suddenly in an automobile accident.


I hope you can understand when I say I had to change myself in order to cope with such a tragedy.  That being said, one day my sisters and I were watching one of the cosmetic surgery makeover programs, and my son happened to be present.  When I expressed interest, he became upset and begged me to never, ever do anything like that to myself.  He also said he thinks women should just age gracefully.  I knew then that I would never tell him I'd already made the decision to do so.


So, after three years of intensive research I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon in San Jose, Costa Rica.  My reasons for the choice included being able to get silicone implants and I was able to met one of his patients – who happened to look fabulous.   Another reason is that the cost was negligible.  I would still come out on top financially despite airfare plus bringing my husband with me and recovery center costs.


My intention was to get a total makeover in one fell swoop.  However, I had not lost sufficient weight for an attractive outcome of my abdominoplasty.  The plastic surgeon suggested I get a lipoplasty, along with the scheduled Benelli lift (mastopexy) and platysmaplasty (Neck Lift).


He removed 6,200 ccs of adipose tissue from my torso, inner thighs and neck area.  I instantly had beautiful full breasts, and a tiny waist like I hadn't had since I was in my early twenties!  Also my face was thinner, and the saggy neck was tightened.  I was absolutely ecstatic.  I could fit into clothes I hadn't worn in years.  Some I had never donned because I outgrew them before ever getting to wear them.  This surgery was 3 November 2006.


On 5 November 2007, I returned to San Jose, Costa Rica for a revision on my left areola, which has stretched to pre-surgery dimensions, along with a labiaplasty and my long-awaited abdominoplasty.  This time my husband was not able to accompany me.  That was okay because I knew the doctor and felt totally comfortable with him and his staff.


However, because of the labiaplasty I was not able to wear a compression suit.  Ergo the result of my abdominoplasty was compromised, in my opinion.  The results from the abdominoplasty does not look bad, as I am a full 4 inches smaller in the waist.  Yet, my abdomen is not completely flat like I'd hoped for.  They gave me a waist cincher like before, but because I am petite (short-waisted) it would slide up and bunch together in the middle.  After my lipoplasty the previous year, I wore both and the cincher adhered to the compression suit wonderfully.


Part of the problem may also have been that I was so surgery-weary, as I ended up having hip replacement in between the two plastic surgeries (7 April 2007).


The recovery center was beautiful, and I had every comfort I could have hoped for.  The food was delicious, prepared from scratch, and designed to assist with healing.  I just really missed my husband and family.


When I was ready to return home my husband flew down to meet me so that I would not lift any luggage whatsoever.  He's such a Sweetie.



                 Photos of Breast Augmentation and Benelli Lift - 500ccs Silicone Implants










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