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Axis Three Imaging


  • Visualizing the results before you have surgery!

Axis Three redefines the aesthetic consultation experience by providing precise, easy-to-use, 3D, patient simulation tools to healthcare professionals.  Patients are able to make more informed, more confident decisions about surgical procedures by viewing a scientifically-produced simulation of the procedure on their own 3D body image. 91% of patients surveyed report that Axis Three greatly improved their consultation experience. 



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  • How Axis Three Works:

How Axis Three works for Breast Augmentation:

  • The patient stands in front the 3D scanner and the image is captured in seconds.
  • The surgeon or patient coordinator prepares the image for the simulation.
  • The patient is able to "try on" different implant types, sizes and placements with your own 3D body image.
  • Patients are able to view up to 6 simulations at one time from any angle.
  • Provides imaging results with how your body will look after surgery.
  • Allows the patient to make better, smarter and more confident decisions about cosmetic surgery.




               Axis Three Imaging for Breast Augmentation

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