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Breast Reconstruction with Alloderm


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Breast reconstruction with an implant and or an expander is the current standard in immediate breast reconstruction post mastectomy. The central issue with this surgical technique is attaining adequate pectoralis major muscle coverage of the implant/expander. This is very important as this will help the prosthesis to be held in place within the pocket that is made for the implant to sit in. 

Unfortunately breast reconstruction after a mastectomy can sometimes yield some muscle loss and or the quality of the muscle is not enough to cover the prosthesis. There has to be sufficient coverage so that the prosthesis is secured in the lower pole area of the breast.


                                                                                Breast Reconstruction with Alloderm

                                                            Copyright 2010 - Alloderm - Life-Cell - Used with permission


                                                          Breast Reconstruction with Alloderm


Current options to supplement the muscle deficiency include the transfer of autologous tissue from the latissimus dorsi, the elevation of the external oblique muscle together with its rectus abdominus fascia for implant coverage, or the elevation of the serratus anterior muscle for lateral implant coverage. All of these options introduce further morbidity and, in the case of the latissimus tissue, has the added disadvantage of donor site complications.



Benefits of Alloderm:

  • Alloderm is strong and flexible to use

  • Has the ability to resist infection and rejection

  • Alloderm can support regeneration into viable tissue that minimize scarring and fibrosis  making it an excellent replacement in the lower breast pole area.



     Expander AlloDerm and Implant Reconstruction

          Copyright 2010 - Alloderm - Life-Cell - Used with permission

 Coverage - support - stabilization of implant/expander in immediate breast reconstruction





Alloderm shapes and contours the reconstructed breast:

  • By supporting and holding the prosthesis in place, AlloDerm also helps to define the shape and contour of the reconstructed breast, contributing to improved overall cosmetic look.

  • AlloDerm provides reinforcement to the mastectomy skin envelope; this avoids direct contact of the mastectomy skin envelope with the implant/expander. Direct skin envelope - prosthesis contact could lead to implant exposure if skin loss occurs.



Alloderm reconstructs a defined inframammary fold and lateral mammary fold:

  • During mastectomy, the inframammary fold and the lateral mammary fold, which define the inferior and lateral borders of the breast - could be disrupted or destroyed. The lateral mammary fold is recreated using the serratus anterior muscle

  • AlloDerm placed along the lower breast pole can be used to recreate both the inframammary fold and the lateral mammary fold.  

  • AlloDerm basically alleviates the need to elevate the serratus muscle.



 Alloderm minimizes disease states by simplifying the procedure:

  • By eliminating the need to elevate the serratus anterior and the external oblique muscles and the rectus abdominus fascia for implant/expander coverage, AlloDerm not only reduces morbidity, but it also simplifies immediate breast reconstruction



Alloderm can improve greatly the aesthetic outcome and patient satisfaction:

  • Good breast projection and symmetry between breasts, achieved in a series of 40 implant reconstructions, have been attributed to the use of AlloDerm and patients were satisfied with the surgical result.



  Alloderm can improve outcomes without increased risk for complications:

  • Alloderm used during breast reconstruction, should not be stretched intra-operatively, as its laxity may be used to accommodate the increased volume of the expander/implant.






    Rippling with Alloderm after Breast Reconstruction     After Photo of corrected Alloderm for Breast Reconstruction

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