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Breast Reduction Delayed Wound Healing Photos



Approximately at two weeks post op, this breast reduction patient had wound separation occur and also delayed wound healing.  The most common area that tends to get some wound disruption or delayed wound healing is at the junction of the Inverted-T incision


   Breast Reduction - Wound Separation      Breast Reduction - Wound Separation

                              Wound separation started at two weeks post operative


    Breast Reduction Wound Separation - Two weeks Post Op        Breast Reduction Wound Separation



                                             Breast Reduction - Wound Separation - Being treated with Ziox Ointment

Patient used a medication called - Ziox Ointment made by Stratus Pharmaceuticals for 4 days to kill the bacteria and it helped debrid all the excess protein, dead skin and foreign materials.



                                            Breast Reduction patient who had wound separation - 6 months post op

                                                   Patient six month post operative







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