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Brow Lift or Forehead Lift



Comparison of Brow Lift Techniques        
      Endoscopic Coronal   Subcutaneous
Site of Incision?     Multiple small Incision from  Incision across top
      incisions behind ear to ear over of forehead
      hairline   crown of head    
Scalp Numbness?     Rarely   YES - lasts  Rarely  
          about 6 months    
Raises Hairline?     YES   YES   NO  
Requires attachment at the skull? Recommended NO   NO  
Risk of recurrent forehead drop? Some   Rare   Rare  
Effect on horizontal wrinkles? Mild to Moderate Significant Significant
Effect on vertical skowl lines? Moderate   Moderate   Moderate  
Safe to have forehead laser or            
     peel at the same time?   YES   YES   NO  
Who should not have this surgery? Those with severe Those with a Those who wear
      brow droop, deep high hairline their hair off their
      horizontal creases     face, smokers, and
      or a high forehead     those unwilling to
              accept scars
Ideal candidate for this procedure? Mild to moderate Severe aging Those with a high
      aging of the  major brow forehead and who
      forehead   droop - deep wear bangs







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