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Brow Lift - Forehead Lift Surgery


                            Brow Lift or Forehead Lift - Coronal Brow Lift

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Coronal Brow Lift is the oldest and most reliable technique in brow lift surgery. 

Other names for Coronal Lifts are:

  • Classic Brow Lift

  • Open Brow Lift


The incision in a coronal brow lift involves running across the top of the crown of the head from ear to ear.  Through this incision, your surgeon can alter the frontalis, procerus and the corrugator muscles - in which all contribute to horizontal forehead wrinkles and scowling.  The surgeon removes around 1 to 2 cm strip of your scalp and sutures the remaining scalp together.

A lateral brow lift can improve the appearance of the upper eyelids along with rejuvenation of the brow.  When the lateral brow is repositioned above the orbital rim - the vertical elevation may eliminate the appearance of wrinkled or "crepey" upper eyelid skin.  It the upper eyelid skin is hooded over the lateral corner of the eye, this area will improve as well.  Very often, a lateral brow lift is done in conjunction with an upper blepharoplasty - however, sometimes just lifting the brow eliminates the need for skin excisions.

The coronal brow lift procedure is more invasive than an endoscopic brow lift, however; it can end up lasting a much longer time. 




Advantages of having a Coronal Brow Lift:

  • This type of brow lift lasts longer than endoscopic procedures.  Most do not have to have this repeated as you age.

  • Scars are hidden behind the hairline and should not been seen after the surgery - males might have a harder time with this, if they suffer from a receding hairline.


Disadvantages of having a Coronal Brow Lift:

  • Numbness on the top of your head and scalp for at 6 months or more - however; most regain their feeling within a few months of surgery

  • Raises your hairline, which can be problematic for those patients with a high forehead

  • Scar is long, which is a disadvantage for someone with thin hair



                                               Coronal Brow Lift Procedure

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