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Buttock Lift Risks and Complications


                                    Buttock Lift Risks and Complications

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  • Risks and Complications of Buttock Lift

Complications include, but are not limited to:






Capsular contracture is a condition that can occur when fibrosis of connective tissue forms around the capsule (the implant body), causing hardness, definitive implant edges that can be seen or restrict movement. Capsular contracture occurs infrequently, but in severe cases, where the capsule fiber can’t be broken externally, can result in the removal, and/or replacement of the implant.






Wound dehiscence can occur with a buttock lift because of the location of where the incision is and the amount of tension that is put on the actual surgical site.  Post operatively, this area has constant traction during the healing period, making it very tight and secure.  Patients who experience wound problems can have drainage from the incision requiring constant wound dressing changes until it heals. With time, delayed wound healing can resolve itself. 


If this problem should occur, sometimes the scars will heal as hypertrophic or keloid.  Scar revisions are done if the scar becomes raised and unsightly.  Wound dehiscence is more commonly seen in patients who smoke and patients who have poor wound healing.






Buttock implants can either press upon or migrate onto the sciatic nerve.  The is located in the buttock's area and if the implants should compromise the nerve in any way, it could cause permanent injury to the nerve.  If this complication should occur, treatment could include removal of the implants. 




There is a possibility of the buttock implants to migrate and extrude through the incision of other areas of the buttock region.  If the patient suffers from a seroma, hematoma or infection - the odds of this occurring rises.  Having excessive pressure on the implants during the recovery could also contribute to the implants extruding.




When having a buttock augmentation with fat injections, almost 30  percent of the fat will not survive and will get absorbed into the body.  If this should occur, there might be dimples or dents due to the re-absorption of the fat.  Injections of fat can also cause scarring in the area it is being injected, so massaging is encouraged during the recovery period.




Temporary muscle spasms or cramping can occur in the buttock muscle, after a buttock lift or augmentation.  This is normally a temporary occurrence during the recovery period.   Muscle spasms or cramping respond well to heat and massage.





With a buttock lift, the biggest obstacle is the scarring.  The scars will be red for the first few months following your procedure, but they will fade as time goes by.  Scars are a permanent situation after this procedure, and unfortunately, their final appearance is not totally predictable.  Every single patient will scar differently. 


Because the buttock lift calls for a great deal of tension to be placed at the incision line, the scars can sometimes widen.  Most plastic surgeons will keep the scars located on the body so that they will be hidden while wearing a bikini or underwear.  Hypertrophic and keloid scarring is possible, but if this occurs possibly a scar revision could improve the outcome.  Some patients have had tattoos placed over the scar so that it is camouflaged.







Droopiness that recurs is rare, however; it can occur if the patient has had a sudden gain or loss of body fat after the procedure, as it increases the laxity of the skin.  Patients should be stable in their weight for a minimum of six months before a buttock lift is performed, to ensure the best longest lasting result.  If this problem should occur, revision surgery would be warranted. 






It is important to stop smoking if you are a smoker for at least several weeks before your buttock lift. Smoking has many harmful side effects including decreasing blood flow to the skin which can increase the risk of complications and delay wound healing.





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