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CBeth’s Story (Carrie)

  • Breast Augmentation


I never thought I would be interested in a breast augmentation. I watched my mother go through one many years ago, and the troubles she had with them throughout the years, ending with finally having them removed…I vowed to never have an augmentation. Well at 42 years old I began to rethink the augmentation option. I had a friend, who in November 2005 received her augmentation. We had a long discussion about the pros and cons, and placement of implants. My body was now changing, and what once were full large breasts are now sagging pears. I also noticed that if I had larger more fuller breasts it would better proportion my body. So in September 2006 I began extensive research. What once was an unperfected cosmetic surgery was now perfected and more common than the years gone by since my mother’s surgery.


Thankfully I found this forum simply by a “Google” search. I found many ladies who were a wealth of knowledge and experience. I also researched the web for additional medical information. In light of my research I decided I wanted an augmentation. At the time I made the choice I was able to financially pay for it which was a huge part in my decision. If it were today I would have to chose “no”, not because I wouldn’t want the augmentation but due to finances.


Now for the hard part......finding a surgeon, figuring out what placement and the most important issue – finding the right size implant for my body. Well, the choice was made easily for me. A friend recommended Dr. Edward Bednar of Charlotte, North Carolina a board certified plastic surgeon and artist of painting and sculpting. My husband and I attended one of his seminars and the decision was made. I scheduled an appointment for a consultation. Upon meeting with Dr. Bednar, in person, we decided on the placement. I chose under the muscle.


The reasons for my decision in this placement were twofold. One, better mammogram results, and two, fully under the muscle provides additional support to the heaviness of the new breast. I also made the decision for textured, round implants. I chose textured basically for the convenience of no daily massaging for eternity and round because the teardrop has a history of “flipping” over as I found in my research. Doc said by just gravity the round implant will “hang” teardrop shaped anyway….I also chose the trans-ax incision site. Incision in the arm pit area. I preferred not to have scaring on my breast except for the mini lift. I also was advised to do a mini-lift, which I totally agreed with. I decided to include a mini lift since I did have some sagging and the incision for that would be around the areola which cannot be detected today. I believe if I had the implants without the lift I would have been unhappy.


So if you need a lift along with the implant do it all at once. Dr. Bednar was very straight forward and to the point. He is a conservative surgeon and would not give me something “over the top” which I appreciated. I wanted something complementary to my body size. I use to be about a 30D in my younger years. I lost a bit of weight and the breasts as well. I did however have a lot of breast tissue to fill which was to my advantage.


Surgery was scheduled for December 22, 2006. I perused the plethora of photos of breast augmentations. How to decide on the size was almost impossible. I did the bra stuffing thing, tried on different shirts etc. to assimilate what the change would be like. I will tell you now, nothing, and I do mean nothing will compare to receiving the actual augmentation. If there were an easy way to know what you would look like on the other side I didn’t find it! I must have looked at over 2000 set of breasts. Finally I chose 3 photos to share with my Doc.


Finally it was surgery day. I was nervous, excited and “whoo hoo” all at once. I was in constant contact with my forum sisters and they were a wonderful support group. Surgery went very well. I was given proper pain management, antibiotics, anti nausea meds. Doc also gave me Arnica for healing and I believe it helped immensely. I had almost no bruising and this is almost impossible with extensiveness for the under the muscle placement.


Once I began massaging (which you have to do for several weeks at first for softness and dropping even with textured implants) I did notice my left breast had an issue with dropping into the pocket. It was addressed with my Doc several times before we decided at about 6 months it was not going to drop. He went back in the same incision site to release the implant and it dropped right into the pocket immediately.


I am now a soft 32DD and almost at my two year mark and am happy with my results.


I want to deeply express my thankfulness to Bailey who was always there from the beginning and all the forum girls who not only assisted with questions but also asked questions which in turned gave me knowledge.


If you have any specific questions, Please contact me via the forum. I am happy to assist where I can. My advice… I will tell you be sure you want the surgery. Be prepared, you will never be perfect, this is the only way to be happy with your results. If you are going for perfection you will always find something you could change. Best of luck to you ladies!


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