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Colleen’s Journey

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Revision Breast Augmentation to go smaller


I grew up with small breasts. I was a 34B and not happy about it, but I never had the money to get a breast augmentation. Once I was married, I would never have asked my hubby for the money to do that. He loved me the way I was, and I was fine with my breasts, even though I thought they could be bigger. Time went on, and we planned a river rafting trip in September of 2001. When the photos came back, I just cried. I looked awful, and my breasts had gone from a 34B to a 34 flat. They seemed deflated, even though I had never had children or lost weight. I was 33. Where did my breast tissue go?




At the time, we were in the process of building a home, and we lived in a ghetto apartment, but we saved a ton of money. My hubby told me if I wanted to get breasts, to go buy some. So I happily thanked him, and started my search. I found a plastic surgeon with a very good reputation in a small city nearby.


I joined a forum, and I am such a nerd, I read everything I could possibly read about breast augmentation. I knew everything I needed to ask the plastic surgeon because I had met a bunch of great ladies on the forum. One thing they suggested was to go larger than I originally wanted to go. I had originally wanted to be a C cup. But the girls talked me into going with a D cup.  They said I’d regret it if I went too small.


I went in for surgery a few days after Christmas, on December 27th, 2001. My plastic surgeon gave me 375’s overfilled to 425cc. This made me a 34 D cup. I got saline implants, under the muscle, with a crease incision.  This surgery cost me $5500. I also had lower eyelid surgery at the same time, so I saved a little money with the cost of the hospital fees. The total for both surgeries cost me about $7600.


Waking up from the anesthesia was horrible. I was nauseated and vomiting for 22 hours after surgery. But after the nausea wore off, my recovery was fairly easy. I had little pain. I was sore and achy, but not bad. I was happy and looked forward to having pretty breasts. The plastic surgeon told me how great I looked. I trusted him. I thought I looked good, and I did look best when I stood with perfect posture. Every few months I went back for a free check up, and every time, my plastic surgeon told me I looked great, and keep up the good work. He never said anything negative about the appearance of my breasts.


As time went on, I gained a few lbs. I noticed that my breasts, which previously never grew in size, had gone up a cup size. I was then a 34DD. I started to look at my breasts differently. I noticed that the right side looked odd. It seemed like I was bottoming out. Yet, I saw my PS every few months for check ups. He had never said anything about the way they looked except that I looked great. So I pulled out some photos from early post op. I realized that my plastic surgeon had messed up, and he had made the pocket too large on the right side from the beginning. My right breast did sit too low. I just never paid close attention. 





I was also unhappy about the size of my breasts; I felt that I looked heavy for my weight, being that I am 5’3”. I disliked way my breasts flexed with every move I made. I told my husband that when one of my implants leaked, and it was time for replacement, I wanted to go down a size. He thought it was a good idea. My husband told me not to wait, that I could use some of our savings and go have them changed. I know I am a lucky woman to have such a generous man in my life.


In March of 2008, I went to a different plastic surgeon that a friend recommended. She had gotten implants from this doctor and was very happy with her results. He saw my issues immediately; and proceeded to point out how my skin had stretched. He told me he could get me down to a 34C and that I would not need a lift, but I would need a skin removal procedure that he called a Ryan Procedure. He would place the implant in front of the muscle, and I would need internal sutures to keep things in place.  This procedure would be much more expensive than the original. I chose cohesive silicone gel as my choice of implant. They were approved for use at the time, so I was very happy. They felt so real, and not at all like the saline implants I had prior in my body. The cost of my entire Procedure would cost me $10,800. My Hubby was shocked, but still supportive. We scheduled the surgery for April 11, 2008.


My surgery went great, and I knew my healing time would be longer, b/c I had internal sutures that would have to heal as well. But I was so happy. The first time I saw my breasts, they looked great to me. They looked even, and they looked small enough for my frame. I was badly bruised, but happy. My happiness was short-lived. My breasts began a journey of change and they started to look horrible. The nipples pointed downward, and I had weird torpedoes on my chest.


Another problem was, I did not go small enough when picking a size, and my breasts were still very large.  I was so depressed and upset. I had spent SO much money on my breasts, and I still was unhappy. Fortunately, the ladies on the forum, gave me such support and encouragement, I was able to ignore the ‘uglies’ and go on with life. I did suffer a case of Mondor’s Cord, but it was nothing to worry about, I just had to wait for it to go away. And it did. But at times, it was very painful. 


Before I knew it, 4 months had gone by, and I loved the way my breasts looked. The swelling had gone down, so I could fit into a C cup bra and that made me very happy. I still think I could have gone down a little bit in size, but I can live with full C cups. I have scars that run the entire length of my breasts, but that is ok, b/c I expected to need a lift, which I did not. My scars are getting lighter every day, and I LOVE the way the cohesive gel implants feel. My hubby cannot tell where the breast tissue ends and the implant begin, and neither can I. They were definitely worth the extra cost. At this point I am 6 months post op, and very happy.





I realize my breasts are not perfect, they never were, and that’s ok. I am happy I had the surgery, I love being a C cup. It is more suited to me. I should have followed my own first instinct on size, and not let myself be pressured into going larger. It’s not for everyone. In my personal opinion, since I have had both types of implants and both placements, my choices are – definitely silicone over saline, and over the muscle placement has turned out to be a much better placement than partial under the muscle for me. Even though I had to have surgery again; I am still happier having implants than not having them.



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