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  • Breast Augmentation

My breast augmentation story is nothing to exciting.  In searching for the right plastic surgeon to have the breast augmentation with, I flew from the east coast to California to see Dr. Tom Pousti - November 2008.  Dr. Pousti was wonderful - however due to my budget, I did not end up going with him.  The extra travel costs with the hotel was exceeding what I planned on spending.


After coming home to the east coast, I found another plastic surgeon in New Jersey I met who was very informative and his work was exceptional. I went on several consult with this plastic surgeon and decided to him perform my breast augmentation.  I brought in pictures that I liked and told him what I wanted - large and natural looking. 


During my pre op appointment we both chose to go with Mentor 650 Moderate Plus implants filled to 700ccs.  It was pretty simple and direct.  My breast augmentation surgery was scheduled on the 15th of January, 2009. 


The day of surgery my older son drove me to the surgery center.  I had to be there really early in the morning.  My surgery was originally scheduled for 7:00 AM but got pushed up an hour later.  I wasn't  nervous at all.  I filled out some paper work, then they called my name and I went into the back room.  I was greeted by a nurse who went over my medical history and took my blood pressure, etc.  I was told to change into a hospital gown.  The nurse returned to start my IV. 


My plastic surgeon and his nurse came in and smiled and asked me if I was  excited, in which I said enthusiastically "Yes"!!  My plastic surgeon's nurse told me I was in good hands and was told I would be seeing him shortly.  The anesthesiologist came in and asked me questions about my medical history and place the anti-nausea sticker behind my ear.  Soon after that, two other nurses came in and took me to the operating room.  The surgical room was so cold, I was freezing!  The anesthesiologist put some medication into my IV and that was the last thing I remember before waking up in pain!


The surgery was done, but I had severe swelling and burning pain on the right side of my breasts.  The nurses ended up calling my plastic surgeon to tell him I was in pain.  I felt very drugged from the medication, however; was still in severe pain.  I noticed the anesthesiologist and several nurses were discussing my chart - and soon after that my plastic surgeon came over and said he had to have me go back into surgery again.  There was something seriously wrong with with right breast.  The nurse sat me up and told me I had to sign some papers - but was so drugged I had no idea what I was signing at the time.  The nurses told me that I had to go back into surgery again, so I signed it reluctantly.  My older son who was waiting for me had to also sign the surgical papers. 


After the second surgery, my plastic surgeon asked me briefly how I was feeling after the procedure was complete.  I was feeling ever so much better - apparently he had to remove the implant on the one side and replace it with another 650cc implant filled to 715cc.  My plastic surgeon irrigated the pockets with lots of antibiotics as well.  This time there was not so much pain as there was pressure.  Shortly after that, I was allowed to get dressed so I could go home.  I was still very groggy from the anesthesia.


There wasn't so much pain with this procedure as there was pressure.  My plastic surgeon prescribed me Percocet whenever I felt pain.   After I was home for a couple of hours, the surgical center called me to check on my status, as well as my plastic surgeon.  I really felt fine, just felt like there was an elephant sitting on my chest.  I rested a lot during the couple of weeks for recovery.


My first post operative appointment was four days after the surgery, then the following appointments were set for once a week for a month.  My breast implants did not appear beautiful at first, I truly had "franken-boobs" for the first 2.5 months.  The implants did finally dropped and fluffed to a natural state after that time.  They look fantastic, however; a little bit too natural for my taste.  I would love to have more fullness on top - but overall the implants do look very good.  Most importantly, they are even and big!  I wouldn't mind going to a larger size implant one of these days.  I would love to try 850cc.


I am very happy, as the implants look fantastic in my Victoria Secret push up bra.  It gives me that upper pole fullness with great cleavage.  My next procedure, I would like to have a full tummy tuck and liposuction in the fall or winter.  I realize my second surgery was indeed an emergency type situation, but I didn't like having to sign papers when I wasn't fully aware of what I was doing.


I am currently five months post op now and so far everything is going smoothly.  My next follow up  with my plastic surgeon is due at the end of this month. 


Lyndy AKA Cowgirl08



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