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Crystal's Story

  • Breast Augmentation


July 31st of 1998, I had my first Breast Augmentation.

Leading up to my surgery, I had one consultation with first plastic surgeon and that is who did my surgery. I took the referral from a friend that had several other friends that used him and were happy with the results. I was only 18, single and had a 7 month old baby boy. After my breakup I needed to feel better and didn't want to waste any time.

I consulted with the plastic surgeon on Monday July 27th, and had my surgery on Friday the 31st. I really didn't have time to be nervous. When I woke up, I had boobies. I don't really remember my post op appointments except for the one year appt. At this appt. I told the plastic surgeon that my breasts seemed really droopy and long and that my right implant seemed to come up to my collar bone if I ever flexed or used my chest muscles. He told me it was "Common and Normal". I had never been to another PS or knew of any different pride or integrity in ones work, so I believed him.

In 2004, I was married to my best friend and we immediately conceived our precious son. I was put on bed rest at 25 weeks and had nothing better to do than watch TV. That is when I found "Dr. 90210". I saw the amount of pride that Dr. Rey took in his patients, and I knew I wanted to consult with him when it came time for me to have my re-do.


After my second son was born in May, my 34C boobies inflated with milk all the way up to 34GG. When I quit breast feeding at 6 weeks, I began stuffing all of my stretched out skin into a 34DD bra. I was saggy and I felt like by boobs looked great in a bra (with clothing on of course), but never went without because they looked flat and long.


I made an appointment with Dr Rey, who's first appointment was 5 months away. That was just for a consultation. I had to pay for the consult over the phone at the time of booking (totally understandable), but found out 2 weeks later that.... I was pregnant again with my third son. Whoa, that was a shock!!! Hubby had already had a Vasectomy scheduled for 2 days later. He had canceled the first appointment to play softball in a tournament! I canceled my appointment with Dr. Rey as soon as I found out and they did refund my card because of the situation, which I thought was really nice.

DS2 was born and life because overwhelming with my babies only 11 months apart. After the 6 weeks of nursing my DS2, I gave up. There was NO WAY I could have surgery. My pain began less than a year later and was off and on. Gradually it got worse and worse until it was constant. I learned to live with it as I was not financially ready to have any type of surgery. At this time, I didn't even know for sure what it was that was hurting. I assumed that my implants were pushing on their pockets. I was right.

In September 09, I went to a new plastic surgeon and had a consult. He quoted me for a lift and silicone replacement. I went to another plastic surgeon who said the same thing. Convinced not to make the same mistake twice and rush into choosing a plastic surgeon, I told myself I would see a minimum of 3 before I made my choice. I really took my time. I liked the first plastic surgeon a lot, the second surgeon was OK, but slightly less expensive. Part of the second plastic surgery could have been covered by insurance (he is on my plan) because of the slight amount of capsular contracture, but the amount covered would be VERY little according to the office manager.

In January 2010, I decided that I was going to go back to work as a hairstylist and that I needed to get my surgery done ASAP, as there was no point in building up clients just to take 6 weeks off for recovery and lose them. I called Dr. Rey's office determined that he was going to be PS3. He didn't have an opening for a consultation until April. I didn't make the appointment, I knew I couldn't wait that long.


A friend of mine called and told me and told me I had to check out Dr. Stuart Linder. She just had another friend that used him for removal, replacement, and a lift. I looked at his website, and had never seen such impressive work. I called and made an appointment on Monday for the following Thursday.

I went in for my consultation and Dr. Linder told me that I had Double Bubble deformity, and a lot of capsular contracture. The capsular contracture was causing me the pain. He explained that my original plastic surgeon never released the muscle underneath my implants, so it sat in a pocket rather than dropping into place. During my pregnancies, the stretching of the skin caused them to sag much more than they did before and the skin hung off of the implant rather than the implant dropping into it filling it out. That is why it looked flat and long rather than flat at top and full on bottom. I finally had answers that I really didn't even ask this Dr. for. It was like he read me. He also read my mind about size. I wanted to stay 34D-DD, but be full, perky and I really wanted to "stick out". When we got to size, he said 500CC, HP silicone. I freaked at the number 500 and asked "How big is that?" He laughed and told me that it sounds bad but I would be the same size, just firm, tight, and perky! It was exactly what I wanted. Unfortunately, I had just switched insurance and no longer had a PPO. I was hit with the capsular contracture costs, and almost cried because I knew I was going to have to wait longer to save that money. The office worked with me, and I was able to schedule my surgery for February 3, 2010.

I went in for surgery that morning and everything went smooth. On February 4th, I woke up at 5:00 am in our hotel room and woke my husband up crying. Although I had pain from the surgery, the constant pain from the capsular contracture that I lived with every day of my life, was finally gone. It was worth it. My surgery was on a Wednesday, and on Sunday I began running a fever of 100.9. It was Super-Bowl Sunday, and I dreaded telling the my husband, so I waited until after the Super-Bowl to call Dr. Linder's office. Dr. Linder called me back within 5 minutes and told me to come in at whatever time was convenient for me the following morning (I live 1-1.5 hours (with traffic away) I went in and he told me everything was going great. My incisions looked great, and that I had no signs of infection.

Thursday, I was back in the office because I felt like I was beginning to smell funny. I called Adriana, the Office Manager, on Wednesday evening that I believed it was because of sweating when my fever was breaking and she had me come in first thing the next morning. Dr. Linder removed the SteriStrips (which were damp and smelly) and said still no infection and that I looked like I was healing GREAT!!!

He scheduled me to come in on Feb 22nd to have my stitches taken out. On Tuesday I noticed a red patch the size of a half dollar in my inner cleavage, and called the office. Another trip to Beverly Hills for me. The following day, I got to the office and was sent down to the surgery center where Dr. Linder was performing surgeries. I had to wait until he was done with his surgery. During my wait, another one of his patients was being prepped in the area next to me. She was taken away to the operating room by the nurse, while Dr. Linder was in talking to me. He referred me to a Dermatologist, and asked me if I wanted to have my stitches taken out right then! I was impressed with his concern and caring even though he had a patient waiting. I know that once I got in the OR for my surgery, it took a bit of prep time, but still, Dr. Linder was so AMAZING for taking the time and not making me feel rushed. I declined and told him I would like to keep my appointment for Monday because I am terrified about the possibility of my incisions separating.

Now it's Friday and I can't wait until Monday. I am a little worried that the stitch removal may hurt, but I can't wait. I am already loving my new look!

Good Luck to all!!!



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