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Dermabrasion or Dermaplanning - Skin Resurfacing


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Dermabrasion and also dermaplaning use a method of controlled surgical scraping to help refresh or refinish the skin's top layers.  Dermabrasion is a procedure that has been used for over 100 years. 

How Dermabrasion is Performed:

  • the procedure is done in a surgeon's surgery suite or an outpatient surgery center

  • patients who have scars from acne, chicken pox and many other causes are all candidates

  • the skin is cleaned and marked before the procedure

  • a local anesthetic - lidocaine is usually used to numb the skin before treatment

  • sometimes ice packs are used for a period of 30 minutes to help firm up the tissue

  • liquid nitrogen spray may sometimes be used to harden the skin for deeper abrasions

  • if the entire face is to be done, stronger anesthetics are used (general anesthesia or twilight) which will make the patient more comfortable

  • the surgeon then mechanically removes or technically "sands" the skin to improve the contour and appearance of the newly remodeled skin

  • a rotating burr or brush is used to take off the top layers of skin

  • Dermabrasion causes a skin wound or an abrasion, which requires several days to a week or more to heal.

  • long lasting results leaving the patient with a smoother and refreshed appearance



Dermabrasion is used for deep wrinkles, acne scarring and also elevated scars.  This procedure uses a high speed rotary wheel to remove the top layers of the skin.  Dermabrasion is much more invasive of a procedure than the lunch time peel - "microdermabrasion". 

Patients who have deep wrinkles around the mouth region, acne scarring on the cheeks or a hypertrophic scar that has healed raised and elevated are considered good candidates for this procedure.

Dermabrasion will also help patients who have had excess sun damage to their skin.


The top skin resurfacing methods are:

  • dermabrasion

  • laser resurfacing

  • deep chemical peels






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