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Double Bubble Deformity



Double bubble can occur with women who have some ptosis or sagging to their breast  and might need a slight lift, and the patient decides against it.  Double bubble can also occur with a sharply defined or constricted inframammary fold under the breast. 

When implants are placed behind the pectoralis muscle (sub-muscular) - rather than sub-glandular (overs) - women whose breasts have started to naturally sag can experience double bubble.  The implant is held in place behind the muscle and the breast tissue hangs below it creating the appearance to two separate breast creases.

This complication can occur when the inframammary fold is lowered during breast augmentation surgery as well.  The old fold may still place a crease on the lower breast - creating a "double bubble" contour.  Most mild double-bubble can resolve on their own with time (as the implant drops into place), but may need additional surgery to improve it.


                                          Patient with Double Bubble Deformity after breast implants

                                     Patient with Double Bubble Deformity



Double bubble deformity is very common with the following incision placements:


How Double Bubble Contour is avoided:

  • If the patient has significant tissue with some sagging listen to your plastic surgeon if he or she suggests some sort of breast lift - especially if you are having sub-muscular placement done.

  • Implant placement can be done over the muscle with a larger implant to fill out the sagging skin.


Double Bubble surgical intervention:


Double bubble is normally seen within a few days or weeks following the initial augmentation or can occur over a period of time as breast tissue continues to sag or show ptosis (such as from aging or pregnancy).  The important thing to remember is this deformity can be corrected.




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