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Exercise Timeline For Breast Augmentation Patients


Aside from safety and recovery time, one of the biggest questions of breast augmentation patients have is “when can I start working out again?”   Also, when starting back into your exercise routine, remember to take things slow and only do the exercises if they do not hurt you.  It is very important that if you need to pick a personal trainer to help you with your exercising program, that he or she has experience with post augmentation or post breast surgery patients.  If you cannot find the answers at your own gym about this, then ask your plastic surgeon for a referral.


                Exercise Timeline After a Cosmetic Surgery Procedure, including breast augmentation

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Start tapering off your upper body like shoulder raises, seated back rowing and push ups.  The more you work your chest muscles the stronger and thicker they become, making the actual procedure of breast augmentation more painful for those patients.  Patients who have sub-pectoral placement need to have the pectoralis muscle relaxed, so that it will stretch and accommodate the newly implanted device.  Shy away from strenuous upper body activity, as you might strain the chest muscles that will be most impacted by surgery.

If you have had a breast lift, breast reduction and or breast reconstruction - you will need to be careful not to compromise any surgical incision.



Consider the first three weeks as your work-out reprieve.  Women who elect to have sub-pectoral implant placement might even take longer to get back to their exercise routine.  Take it easy during this time and allow your body the time it needs to heal.



Getting started back into your exercise routine approximately around this time is going to differ from plastic surgeon to plastic surgeon.  It is best you listen to your own surgeon when it is applicable for you to start your exercising routine again.  Most trainers will tell you that you probably should not be performing any overhead action at this time.  Limit your upper body exercises to bicep curls and tri-cep press-downs to stimulate blood flow to your shoulders.  It is also important to start postural exercises to acclimate your body to the new weight it’s carrying.  These can be as simple as using a seated back-row machine. 

Also external-internal rotation is a good exercise to consider.  Stand with your elbows at your sides, with fists facing forward at a 90 degree angle.  Rotate your fists inward towards your navel and out again.  Using an elastic exercise band will help during this exercise.



You can start integrating push ups and other exercises that uses the chest muscles back into your routine after approximately this amount of time.  Some patients might never feel comfortable again using strenuous exercises for the upper body after augmentation, and others adapt right away back with no problems at all.  Everyone is different with what they can tolerate.  The most important thing to remember is start slowly and discontinue if you feel any strain or discomfort. 


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