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Extrusion is when the implant comes through the skin due to a compromise of skin loss or necrosis (tissue death).  This may occur when an incision has not completely healed closed, or if the breast tissue covering your implants weakens. Compromise of the blood supply can directly be linked to necrosis or loss of tissue around the breast surgical incision which can be connected to extrusion.  This complication, extrusion requires additional surgery and possible removal of the implant, which may result in additional scarring and / or loss of your breast tissue.  Smoking can lead to a compromised blood supply due to the fact that smoking deprives the tissue of oxygen in order to heal.



The following list has some risk of extrusion:




Procedures that combine surgical procedures such as breast augmentation along with breast lift (mastopexy) at the same time tend to have a higher risk of possible implant extrusion.  There are many plastic surgeons who like to perform these two procedures separate for just this reason.  Having the patient get their mastopexy first, let it heal for a several months and then go back in with the augmentation with the implant.  There are many surgeons though who do perform both procedures together and never have a problem.  Being sensible with the size of the implant will help tremendously, as the heavier the implant, the more stress that is going to be put on the lift incisions.




According to both main implant manufacturers, Allergan and Mentor, extrusion occurs in only 1 or 2% of reconstruction patients, and is somewhat less common with augmentation patients.

Although, considered rare, extrusion can occur up to 1 to 2% of reconstruction patients using implants.  Patient’s who have undergone reconstruction due to breast cancer and are receiving radiation therapy has an increase of extrusion.  This is because radiation compromises the breast tissue. 






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