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Face Lift - Rhytidectomy Consult Questions



                                   Facelift or Rhytidectomy Consult Questions on

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Plastic Surgeon Information:

  • How long have you been a board certified Plastic Surgeon?

  • What medical boards are you certified with?

  • Are you certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery?

  • Are there any malpractice suits that you have been involved with?

  • Have you ever been disciplined by the State Medical Board?

  • Do you have local hospital privileges?  If so, which hospitals?  If not, why?

  • Do you see the patient yourself at all post op visits or does a nurse handle this?

  • Would you perform this surgery on a loved one or a family member?



 Face Lift Information

  • How many face lifts or facial plastic surgery procedures do you do in a year?

  • Are revisions of this procedure common? 

  • If so, how many revisions do you do on average?

  • What is your office policy regarding revision surgery?

  • Do you have some before and after photos I can view?

  • Do you have any face lift videos I can view regarding this procedure?

  • Do you only do this surgery or do you perform other types of procedures?

  • What can I expect from this procedure?

  • How much discomfort or pain will I be in?

  • What are the risks and complications of having a face lift - and are they likely to happen?

  • Are you on call after the surgical procedure?

  • If something goes wrong, can I contact you?

  • How many complications do you see in your practice from this procedure?

  • What is recovery from a face lift like?

  • What type of aftercare will I get?

  • How long will this surgical procedure last?

  • What will a face lift achieve for me?

  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?

  • Should I consider any other type of surgery for the best results?

  • Can you explain the face lift procedure in detail?




Anesthesia and Surgery Information

  • If I need to have a revision, will you be able to use the same incision again?

  • Will the surgery be performed in a hospital setting or do you have your own surgical suite?

  • Will there be someone trained in the surgical suite or the recovery area trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) in case of an emergency?

  • Is your surgical suite certified and accredited?  Do you have a CRASH cart in case of an emergency?  What agency is your surgical suite accredited with?

  • Is your surgical suite accessible to an ambulance in case of an emergency?  What hospital would I be taken to in case of an emergency?

  • Do you use a board certified anesthesiologist or a CRNA – Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist?

  • Does the anesthesiologist use anti-nausea meds in the IV during the procedure?

  • What type of anesthesia do you normally use – twilight, general, local with sedation?

  • What kind of monitoring does the anesthesiologist during surgery?




Risks and Complications

  • What are the risks and complications I need to be aware of with having a face lift procedure?

  • How often does a hematoma occur? 

  • Have you been successful with correcting this complication in your practice?

  • If a complication does occur, is this revision surgery on the patient or do you cover this?

  • How often does it occur?  If a revision surgical procedure is needed for this complication, is this covered by you or the patient?

  • What is your infection rate?

  • If I do get an infection, what are steps are taken?

  • What do you advise for your patients who smoke?  Do you have a timeline you want them to refrain from smoking?

  • I am concerned about facial nerve paralysis.  How often does this occur?




Post Operative Care

  • Are there any special instructions I should follow once I get home?

  • Are there any supplies I should buy and keep on hand for my recovery?

  • Will I need any special assistance in the days following surgery?

  • What kinds of things should I be on the alert for that would indicate a possible emergency?

  • What are your emergency contact numbers

  • What type of pain medication will I be given?

  • When can I resume normal activity

  • When can I drive again?

  • When can I return to work?

  • What is the normal follow up visit schedule after a face lift?

  • What about camouflage cosmetics - is this an option?

  • Describe to me the healing process.




Financial Information

  • What does your quote include (and what does it not include)?

  • Is the anesthesia and surgery center cost included or are they billed separately?

  • How much will this procedure cost me?  How much do you require to hold a surgical date?

  • When should the balance be paid for in full?

  • Are there any hidden costs that I should be made aware of?  Lab work, surgical center, hospital costs, postoperative appointments and medications?

  • Do you work with any financial companies?  Is so, which ones do you recommend?

  • Do you offer an installment payment program?

  • Do you give a discount if the procedure is paid for in cash?

  • Do you take credit cards – if so, which ones?

  • If something should come up and I have to cancel the surgery, do you refund my money?







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