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Facial Implant Recovery


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Some discomfort and swelling is to be expected for several days following the surgical procedure.  Smiling and talking might be temporary difficult along with some visible bruising around the chin and neck area.  Your plastic surgeon will give you instructions on dental hygiene, eating and or any restrictions you might have following your surgical procedure.

After a patient undergoes Mentoplasty, he may experience a slight “tight” sensation around the region of the implant that can approximately last for one week.  Following the procedure, the swelling of the lower chin may take nearly six weeks to reduce. Patients are generally advised to stay away from foods which require chewing and stick to soft foods and liquids for few days after operation. Although, it is suggested to resume the normal activity within ten days but a patient should keep in mind that he should stay away from vigorous activity for quite a few weeks.




The ability to move your mouth and lips might be diminished somewhat after cheek implant surgery, but this temporary.  Sutures that are used to close the incisions inside the mouth area dissolve within about ten days.  There will be some dietary restrictions along with some special instructions with your activity limitation.




Swelling is pretty significant following jaw implant surgery, and normally peaks around day three.  There still will be some residual swelling for several months after the surgery.  Your final results will not be seen for several months.  Activities and diet will have some restrictions.  The ability to smile, talk or move your mouth in any way might be limited for several days to weeks.




Recovery Tips:

  • Keeping your head elevated as much as possible will help tremendously with the swelling and discomfort.  You should use at least two or three pillows to keep the facial area elevated. 

  • Sleeping will be confined to you laying on your back for the first couple of weeks.

  • No smoking should occur following this cosmetic procedure for the first few days.  It is important that no coughing happens, as this could cause some discomfort.  Read our section on smoking and cosmetic surgery.

  • No alcohol for at least a week following facial implant surgery - especially if you are still taking pain medication.  You should be off all medication before drinking any alcoholic beverage.  Alcohol tends to dilate the blood vessels and can contribute to increase bleeding.

  • Do not sit in the sun or be in heat for at least a month following this procedure to avoid swelling.

  • Ask your plastic surgeon if taking the herbal remedy Arnica  would be beneficial to reduce some of the bruising.  Every plastic surgeon has varying opinions regarding herbal remedies, so make sure you get permission from your surgeon before taking this.

  • Avoid contact sports and other excessive activities for several weeks.  Ask your surgeon what your exercise timeline should be.




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