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  • Breast Augmentation


I really have wanted bigger breasts since I could remember but didn’t think about getting implants until I heard a radio station giving them away as a contest. This was about four years ago and I started do research (and entering the contest LOL) Well I never did win!!

It wasn’t until a few years ago my husband and I started hanging out with this couple who frequented this strip club and we started talking to two of the girls that had them that I started wanting them super bad again…

We originally thought to use the money from the taxes but I ended up applying for a loan and got one!! YAY!  I went on my consult (with the surgeon the two girls we knew used) and picked a date! I had to pick a date after tax season still b/c I was going to use that money to supplement the loan I had gotten so I was on a countdown of 6 months! The ticker did move super slow!!

Just for kicks and giggles I applied at my bank for a loan and it ended up being the exact amount I needed to pay for the surgery and my husband told me to call that day and reschedule!! I rescheduled for 2 WEEKS LATER!! I felt so high I couldn’t sit still…

Those two weeks FLEW by and before I knew it I was going for my pre op.. didn’t seem real.. it didn’t hit me even the morning of what I was about to do.

I slept great the night before.. didn’t think I would! We woke up the morning and took my daughter to my mother in law's house which was really emotional for me!  We get there and my husband starts throwing up! He has issues with ulcers in his esophagus and when he gets nervous that is what happens! So I get in my Mother-in-Law's car and drive her and I across town to the surgery center myself.

I am still not nervous at this point.. just chilling out the in waiting room and then they call me back… this is the point I started getting nervous! My husband still is not there so my mother in law and I are in the pre op area and the nurses start the IV. I had to get up to go to the bathroom like a million times!! My mother in law follows me to hold my beautiful gown closed so no one sees my butt!  The doctor comes in and draws the lovely lines on me and we are back to waiting.

They come in to tell me it will be like 30 minutes now and THEN I start freaking out. The nurses ended up taking my stats and pulse which was 122!  I ended up getting a sedative and anti-nausea medication - then the nurses told me to lay on the gurney!  I most certainly did not help my nerves with laying on that thing either!  The following 30 minutes FLEW by and it was time to go to the surgical room. The staff wheeled me to the door of the surgical suite and a had to get up and walk in. By this time I was so high I didn’t care!! The last thing I remember is hearing the morning show I listen to on and I told them not to turn it off I wanted to listen to it then I was OUT.

My surgery only took an hour.. I was out by 10:05 but I didn’t wake up out of anesthesia until 12!! I don’t remember being in pain (or much of anything at that point) but they said I was crying. I didn’t even look down to see what I had done! My husband was there at that point and was waiting with the car when they wheeled me out.  I don't remember much of the ride home, but my husband told me I saying "Ouch" the entire time in the car. 

I got home and planted myself in the recliner and stayed there the rest of the night. I know I was in a lot of pain… I think it was more of the drains than anything that they were causing a great deal of discomfort. The drains were in both sides and I was instructed to measure the amount of drainage every four hours.  Thankfully, my husband did this for me, as the drains were very annoying.  The pain and soreness was there for a few days, but I did make sure I took my pain medication as prescribed. I got my drains out 6 days later and felt like a new woman! By the following Friday I was driving and that made me feel even better.

There were times I would sit there and think what did I just do to myself. My daughter was sleeping at my Mother-in-Law's house and I was sleeping on the couch. I couldn’t hold her or DO anything and I was just super emotional. I had to remind my self I have wanted this for so long and this pain and everything else will pass!

Now more than a month later I am super happy...and would do it all over again in a heartbeat. (the week after the surgery I was singing a different tune LOL) I am slowly dropping into place and doing good! 


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