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Plastic Surgery procedures sometimes require patients to get creative with determining financial funding opportunities to help assist them with the cost.

There are many ways that financial aid can be obtained with some research - including:



With the recent state of the economy and the recession, there are some surgeons that are offering their patients the option of paying for the procedure in agreed upon payment increments. During your consultation for the plastic surgery procedure - make sure you bring this up if you do not have all the funds available.


There are many financing companies that offer loans for plastic surgery procedures. Make sure whatever company you apply with that you investigate and compare the APR Rates, the monthly payment and of course the length of the loan.



Depending on the actual cosmetic surgery procedure, some are covered by certain insurance companies. As long as the procedure is helping to alleviate other medical issues.

  • Sagging upper eyelids (upper blepharoplasty) are sometimes paid for by insurance companies, if the eyelids are obstructing the vision in anyway.

  • Breast reduction is normally paid for by insurance because women who have over-sized breasts suffer from many potential medical problems, including neck and back problems.

  • If a patient is suffering from breathing problems due to a deviated septum, some of the rhinoplasty costs can sometimes be covered.
  • Patients who have lost a lot of weight and are considering a body lift or a panniculectomy - this is sometimes covered by the insurance.



Sometimes on rare occasions, depending on the procedure - there might be some reimbursement from the Federal Government if it has anything to do with your career. Tax deductions are considered the least reliable source of funding.



If you own your own home, sometimes patients can take out a second home loan or possibly get a Home Equity Line for some monetary assistance. Check with your home lender if this might be a possibility.



If you have a credit card that is offering a low interest rate or a zero percent for a year on balances, this might be an option.

Because plastic or cosmetic surgery procedures can sometimes add up, these options can definitely help a patient to afford a surgery. There are many patients who obtain the money the old fashion way, by saving slowly. Whatever option you decide is best for you and your situation, the important factor is to research your procedure thoroughly.

                                        Financing Your Procedure for Cosmetic Surgery on   

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There are several different companies that offer loans on plastic or cosmetic surgery.  Also, the plastic surgeon you choose to have surgery with might suggest going through a specific company that he or she has had success with.  Always ask your plastic surgeon first for any referrals. Logo


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