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  • Breast Augmentation

I started with a deflated A cup. I have two children...I had gained a lot of weight both times (60+lbs...opps)...and then lost it all twice. Needless to say, my boobs were bouncing back and forth between D and A sizes for two years. I started wanting a B cup...but only because I was afraid of what my family might think. I found a super fantastic female Plastic Surgeon in Princeton New Jersey and went for two pre-op consults. I started by trying on 265cc sizers...and decided on 380cc high profile saline implants before I left. I am 5'6" tall and around 140lbs.


I carry a lot of muscle because I lift weights a lot. I have am quite thin and my breast width dimension was almost 11.5 cm, which seems to be on the small side. We decided on high profile implants because they would look more feminine, especially with a significant amount of upper body muscle.

I wanted over the muscle placement for two reasons:

  • I like the fake boob look

  • I have a lot of chest muscle for a female, and would probably have problems with them drifting. the time I left, and in the days after, I started thinking...I would kind of like to have C or D cups. After all, it's my body...and that is what I really wanted when I didn't think about other people's opinions. I called my plastic surgeon and told her this, and we decided that result could be achieved with the same implant size filled to 450cc.

The day of surgery I was pretty calm, until my anesthesiologist told me five minutes before surgery that he would not be willing to sedate me only, and that I had to go completely under with the anesthesia.  I have a heart condition, so this made me very upset as I was so afraid of not waking up and seeing my babies again.  However, I knew I would regret chickening out...and the money had been paid, so I walked down the hall to the surgery room.

When I awoke, I could not lift my head because I was so out of it.  I was hugely relieved and kept asking my hubby “Do I have Boobs?”  He was like- "yea, you got some boobs babe!”  I was so glad it was over, and it really didn’t hurt that much, as I was back on the treadmill walking in a week and a half.  I started light lifting and jogging at two weeks post op with my Plastic Surgeon’s permission of course.  My left one hurt more than the right when I fact the right one felt like there was no implant at all. The left just recently stopped bothering me when I do my cardio. It is so great to see my boobs bouncing when I run!


It has only been about five weeks since my breast augmentation, but I can tell that the swelling has subsided.   My boobs are so much more bouncy and soft now.  I bought two Victoria Secret bras - both were in the size 34DD. I am trying to do a figure competition this spring, so I imagine that I will drop in band size to at least a 32...which is what I was wearing pre breast augmentation.

I am very happy with the results. I experience the waves of “Boobie Greed” and think I could definitely go to a larger size – possibly 650ccs.  But, I think I will enjoy these for now and switch down the road sometime - if I get the urge in five years or so to do this again.  But for now, I am so happy and thrilled with my results. 



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