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FulFil is a new type of saline-filled lip implant, which has great potential for a softer permanent lip implant. One of the advantages of the FulFil lip implant is that the size can be adjusted at the time of surgery by adding more saline (much like breast implants). FulFil is made by Evera Medical is located in Foster City, California and is not yet approved by the FDA. It is approved in Europe under the name of FulFil, and once approved in the United States, it will be called VeraFil. The FulFil Lip Implant has received approval for testing the safety and effectiveness of the procedure, and the study is expected to begin by September 2008 under the name EIFFEL – Evera Implant FulFil For Enhancement of the Lip.

FulFil is designed as a permanent but reversible alternative to injectable fillers. FulFil does not come with the side effect profile that have been associated with previous implants that are on the market.





                                              FulFil Lip Implant Device


                                                 The FulFil™ Device – Image Courtesy of Evera Medical






FulFil implant is available in three different diameters:

  • small (4.5 mm)

  • medium (5.5 mm)

  • large (6.5 mm)

There are also nine different lengths ranging from 4.0-5.0cm and nine different fill volumes ranging from 0.25-0.70ml.








FulFil is a dual membrane saline filled implant that is inflated to the desired size one it is in place. The outer layer of the implant is made of ePTFE (Expanded Polyolytetrafluoroethylene) which is a very porous and inelastic material. This outer layer is attached at each end, to a very thin silicone balloon which has a self sealing valve at one end. The ePTFE outer layer is only 50 microns (0.10mm) in thickness and is actually significantly larger than the inner silicone balloon which allows this balloon to move independently of the outer layer after implantation resulting in amore natural look and feel.


FulFil conforms to the shape of the lip, and does not force the lip to conform to a rigid tube.







  • How the Procedure is Performed

Under local anesthetic such as a dental or a nerve block, a metal tube is used to guide the implant in place. Then, it's filled with saline solution. The process takes about an hour. There are different sizes to the implant, so if you put one in and it's too big or too small, you can take it out put a different one in. You can vary the amount of saline that goes into it to get just the right amount of lip augmentation.

Once the implant is inserted and inflated, the outer layer allows for tissue in-growth to occur. This tissue in-growth then stops a capsule forming around the implant, and so prevents the implant from hardening. Migration doesn’t occur with this implant because it is anchored in place biologically with the in-growth tissue. This also allows for ease of removal if the patient should decide to want them any longer.

FulFil implants are great for creating a very natural looking appearance of the lips, which will allow for unobstructed facial expressions as the implants stretch to match the contours of the surrounding area. It is good for older patients as well with reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. It is also good for people with both full and thin lips as the implant can either define and shape or provide volume.


The cost has been reported between $3,000 and $4,000.





                      FulFil Lip Implant delivery system


                                          The FulFil™ Device – Image Courtesy of Evera Medical







  • A natural look that lasts

  • Safe materials that doctors have used for years in all areas of the body

  • No nodules or chemical deposits

  • Non allergenic – no need for skin testing

  • Convenient, in-office procedure

  • Immediate results

  • Quick recovery

  • Size and shape individualized

  • Can be removed if desired



  • Disadvantages of FulFil/VeraFil are the normal bruising, swelling, numbness, and decreased mobility can be side effects seen after surgery.

  • This is a surgical procedure, hence will require a longer recovery period compared to an injectable filler.

  • Even though the manufacturer states that migration or extrusion is rare, it is still a possibility with implants.



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