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Gemini's Journey

  • Breast Augmentation


I am no stranger to plastic surgery. As soon as my children were in school and I began to work full time, I had my genetically inherited saddle bags fixed with liposuction. I loved the way my pants fit me better. Seven years later, I had my French nose made straight and less projected. At the same time, I had the permanent scowl removed from my face with a brow lift. When my facial work was healed, it was finally time to get the less obvious problem fixed: my boobs.


My boobs had nursed children for three years of their tired life. They had been stretched, deflated and generally beaten until they hung. No one could accuse them of being perky. My bra size was 36B (I was soon to learn that size was altogether wrong and I should have been wearing a 32D).


So I visited my first plastic surgeon. She is very conservative. She suggested an anchor lift and 300 cc’s max. She did not want me to look like I had a “boob job.” Next I visited a better known plastic surgeon that had done breast augmentations on three different people I knew. One of these was a girl I met on a plastic surgery forum. She had a redo breast augmentation by him and had fantastic results. My consultation went well. He suggested a crescent lift (removing a “c” shape of skin around the top of each areola) and 300cc-350cc implants to fill the deflated skin. He did not feel I was saggy…my nipples were not pointing downward. He wanted to use saline to make sure my breasts were a symmetrical as possible.


After visiting him a second time, I made my surgery date for the day before a holiday weekend. I would only need to call in sick for one day of work and then have four more days of recuperation after the surgery. 


The day before my surgery, I received a call from the doctor’s office stating that he could not do the surgery in the morning because he had to testify at a legal hearing. He had me come to his surgical center that evening for surgery. I was thrilled because I didn’t think I was going to be able to sleep that night anyway, and this gave me even more healing time before I had to return to work. 


That afternoon I hurried home from work, took a shower and left for my surgery. I took along a collage of pictures of breasts I liked. I did not want him to make me too big so I told him he could not go over 400 ccs. I had these pictures and that written request on the operating table right next to me.


When the doctor was nearly done with the surgery, my husband was invited in to check on the results. As he stood in the doorway of the room, they rotated the bed vertically so he could see my naked top. He said he loved what he saw, “that body with those big boobs.”


I ended up with 380cc in one and 430cc in the other. The doctor used high profile implants because I have a narrow chest. The stitches that he used on my areola were dissolvable but were spit out over a period of months. The dr. said he prefers that type of stitch because they help create a seamless result.


I came home and rested for several days. I took pain medicine religiously for four days. He prescribed Oxycontin, Vicodin and ibuprofen as pain relievers. I took only one type at any time. I took the strongest of the three at night so I could sleep. He suggested I take valium to help relax the muscles. I also took Accolate to prevent scar tissue formation. Since I had some strange scar tissue grow after my rhinoplasty, he agreed that this would be a good preventative measure. I began feeling better very quickly. I was not allowed to lift anything over five pounds for three weeks. I was not allowed to wear under-wire bras for six months. It took months, however, for my ribs not to ache when I wore certain bras. It was very hard to find any bra that felt comfortable beside the sports bras that my dr. recommended. At eight months post-op, the weird pains and aches finally subsided for good.


I am now years post-op and my breasts are quite improved. I wear a 32E bra. My breasts are larger than I would have chosen, but I am really happy about the scar-less result. You have to look very closely to see where the incisions were around the top half of my areolas. I always keep my breasts and implants supported since I know I have skin that is easily stretched out. When I exercise, I layer sports bras to control the bouncing. I have also learned how to dress to make them appear smaller. On the other hand, it is easy to make them look sexy with a low-cut or form-fitting top. The only problem when I show them off is my husband and his eager hands! ;) 



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