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The implant used in the Gore-Tex lip augmentation procedure is a white micro-porous soft tissue implant made of expanded medical grade of polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE), which supports rapid tissue incorporation. This polymer has been used in surgeries for years and has a very long safety record. Gore-Tex implants are made by Gore Medical.

Gore-Tex lip augmentation implants are made of these ePTFE non-reactive and non-toxic materials which support rapid tissue incorporation – which effectively makes the implants part of the lip structure. The results of Gore-Tex lip augmentation are permanent unless a patient wishes to have the implants removed or changed. Once implanted the Gore-Tex lip implants can feel rigid, but most patients eventually become accustomed to this.



Gore-Tex implants are indicated for augmentation or repair of the soft tissues:




Gore-Tex comes available in sheets, blocks, strands, and preformed shapes in various thicknesses. The procedure consists of a small incision which is made so that a tunnel or a space is created. The implant is then threaded into this space, and sutured so that it will remain in place. The external incisions are closed with sutures as well, and are usually removed within 5 days. Gore-Tex lip implants have been used for decades and are proven safe, although hardness can occasionally be a problem. The main advantage of lip implants is that they can be removed if necessary but otherwise considered permanent.

Typically a regional or local anesthesia is given for this procedure. The procedure can take anywhere from half an hour to an hour. There might be swelling and bruising along with some mild discomfort for a couple of weeks. Tightness at the implant site seems to be the feeling that is most common with this procedure.



                                                  Lip Augmentation with a Gor-Tex Lip Implant





  • Some of the advantages of Gore-Tex implants are that no allergy test is required. These implants can be trimmed to fit the needs of the patient and is a permanent result.



  • Because this is a more invasive procedure than giving a patient an injection, it requires more time.

  • The recovery can be long – anywhere from one to two weeks.

  • The biggest concern is that these implants can be felt under the skin; they can make the lips feel hard and firm. Some patients have reported any kind of movement with the mouth, puckering and whistling interferes with Gore-Tex lip implants.

  • Gore-Tex can also extrude the skin, which will require more surgery to repair.  Extrusion and or infection can occur with this procedure.




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