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  • Breast Augmentation


First of all I would like to tell you a little about myself.  I am a mother of five children between the ages of 20 months and 11 yrs old and also a newlywed wife (was married August 1, 2008).  I biologically had 3 children all of which were breastfed for at least a year each.  I am quite physically active enjoy exercising, weightlifting, yoga and have a very physically demanding job. 


I have wanted breast implants since the birth of my 2nd daughter seven years ago.  After two pregnancies and breastfeeding for over two years my breasts were left small and deflated and I was very self-conscious about them I felt very unfeminine and in turn had a very bad self-image. I decided to see a plastic surgeon to see what my options were.  It was recommended that I get implants to correct the atrophy of my breast tissue and that I would have to have someone care for me and my children and also needed to take six weeks off of work.  At the time I was a single parent of a 1 year old and a 3.5 year old.  Needless to say, I had no support from my family to have this procedure done at that time. 


Fast forward to now….  I am married to an amazing supportive man and am blessed with two of his children and a child of our own in my life!  I went to my General Practitioner in the middle of August of this year for another referral to the same surgeon I saw several years ago and got in to see him very fast!  My appointment was Oct 17, 2008 and the appointment went so well I decided to put a deposit down to hold a surgery date.  I expected to get in early January 2009 but ended up getting in November 27, 2008!!!   


Five days later…  Surgery is done I have 350cc silicone moderate profile, smooth shell implants, sub-muscular placement and crease incision.  Surgery went so well, recovery is going so well and my work is allowing me to be on a back to work program where they modify my duties until I am capable of fulfilling my regular duties.  


I would like to thank all of you ladies on this amazing site Cosmetic Surgery Forums for all of your support and kind words. 

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