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Injectable Dermal Fillers - Autologen

Autologen is made from your own skin and normally this tissue is obtained from any excess tissue you may have had from a previous cosmetic procedure. The generic name is autologous human collagen. It is made by the Collagenesis Corporation and is indicated for the treatment of wrinkles, nasolabial folds, frown lines, especially vertical frown lines between eyebrows (glabellar region); lip augmentation; filling depressed scars and similar indentations.

Autologen can be harvested from any cosmetic surgery procedure which skin is removed such as:


The skin is sent to a commercial laboratory that will extract collagen, sterilizes it, and prepared it for re-injection. The amount of collagen that is extracted from the skin depends on the quantity.

A total of two to four injections can be given at one to three month intervals. Autologen can also be stored for up to five years. Typically Autologen injections last longer than bovine collagen injections, however it doesn’t last as long as some of the hyaluronic acid fillers. The manufacturer states that this filler can last from 4 - 9 months.

Injecting your own collagen has a number of benefits including eliminating the risk of rejection, immunological reaction, and disease transmission. Autologen is somewhat more durable than bovine collagen because it does not get attacked by the immune system and may get partly cross-linked (meshed together) with local collagen at the treatment site.



Indications:  Lip Augmentation - facial contouring - wrinkles - lines - nasolabial folds

Composition:  Human dermal implant made from your own skin

Allergy Testing:  Not required

Longevity:  Four to Nine Months

Cost:  $1200 - $1500 per 3.0 cc

Available in the United States:  This company is no longer in business - filed for bankruptcy December 28, 2001.





The advantages of Autologen are the fact that it involves using your own skin, so no allergy test is involved. This product can be stored for up to five years.



The major drawbacks to Autologen are the requirement of the previous surgical procedure to acquire skin and a processing time of 3-4 weeks. Repeat treatments may be required and anesthesia may be necessary for injection. This procedure can be more costly than other fillers. Autologen can run anywhere from $1,200 to $1,500 for 3ccs.





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