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Injectable Dermal Fillers - Fascian



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Fascian is a natural biological substance that has been around since 1999, treating defects in facial skin.  Fascian is a long and durable injectable dermal filler made from fascia, the same type of connective tissue found throughout the human body.  Fascia is what covers the muscles and some organs. Fascia is made from the outside lateral area of cadaver thighs.

The composition of fascia is a thick, dense, and cushy natural human tissue that is used for soft tissue augmentation.  Fascia is the medical name for the sheets of thick, white connective tissue that are located throughout the human body, composed mainly of collagen.  Fascian is fascia that has been removed from a human cadaver donor, freeze-dried, irradiated, and made into fine particles.

Fascian is naturally thick which takes the body much longer to absorb. There are some studies that have suggest that over time, the body replaces the new fascia with its own collagen. Studies have shown that implanted fascia stimulates the production of collagen, or what might be considered scar tissue, to fill the defect where fascia lies. So, your body can both "digest" and replace Fascian with your own collagen.

Fascian comes as freeze dried material and is pre-packaged in syringes and is re-hydrated with saline or a mixture of saline and lidocaine. The lidocaine does add comfort to the injection for the patient.  Fascian is particulated and vacuumed sealed for the physician to use.  Because it comes to the physician in freeze dried formulation it can be stored at room temperature, there is no need for refrigeration.

Fascian is available in multiple particle sizes that can pass through a 27 gauge needle. For the larger particles, it might take a large gauge needle ranging from 16 – 29. Injections are given sub-dermal. Not dermal, as inflammation or lumpiness might occur.





Fascian is used to treat facial contour defects. The most common treatment areas include:

  • upper & lower lips

  • cellulite and dimples

  • nasolabial fold area

  • acne and chicken pox

  • depressed scars

  • post-surgical scars

  • fat loss in cheeks





    The formulations come in four different particle sizes:

    • less than (<) 2.0 mm particle size

    • less than (<) 1.0 mm particle size

    • less than (<) 0.5 mm particle size

    • less than (<) 0.25 mm particle size









    Longevity of Fascian:  approximately 8 months

    Allergy Testing:  Not Required

    Cost of Fascian:  $600 - $1000 per 1.0 cc






    Advantages of Fascian

  • No pre-skin testing is required.

  • Fascian is a natural product.

  • Allergies are very rare, unlike other products.

  • Fascian is human tissue; it cannot provoke an allergic reaction.

  • Fascian is a tissue product as classified by the FDA, there are no off-label uses.

  • It is particulated, soft and pliable with a natural feel. It spreads evenly through area.

  • No tissue is harvested from another site on your body.

  • It is commonly replaced by natural or native collagen.


    Disadvantages of Fascian

  • Difficulty to inject due to particle size

  • Reconstitutes into a lumpy mixture because of the size of the particles

  • Much larger needle is needed for this filler compared to hyaluronic acid fillers

  • Doesn’t last that much longer than collagen

  • Substance needs to be re-hydrated before use

  • Local anesthetic or a nerve block must be given before injection

  • Trace amounts of polymyxin sulfate, bacitracin, or gentamycin might be present in this product – do not use if patient has a sensitivity to these substances

  • Fascian should not be used for superficial lines, as lumpiness might occur




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