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Jackie 's (Flash) Story 

  • Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair

  • Hernia Repair

  • Breast Reduction

  • Face Lift

  • Neck Lift

  • Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty


Where to begin?  It actually started with a visit to the Emergency Room for severe stomach pain in Oct. 2006.  It turned out to be an attack of kidney stones.  In following up with an Urologist, he notices a large mass on my CAT scan and sends me to an Oncology GYN - the next day!  Oh my, he says, (after discussing his alma mater's football team's status with my hubby at length!)  LOL!  “This is a HUGE fibroid - you are bleeding and it has to come out, along with the rest of the stuff in there!”  "No WAY" I say!  Both Dr. and hubby look distressed at my reaction.  So I go in for the kill...No surgery unless you take this freaking fat off of me, too!


Hubby looks totally shocked since I NEVER mentioned it before.  Dr. laughs and refers me to a PS - and gets me an appointment for the NEXT DAY. 


We're all set to remove the "panis" - oh yeah - and do a hysterectomy - in less than a week - I'm thrilled and only thinking of how I had finally figured out a way to get a Tummy Tuck!  I hadn't found our forum yet, and had never even researched it.  I just knew there was no way I was getting cut from "stem to stern" and getting that fat sewed back on - ridiculous!  So - three days later the Doctor calls and says something isn't right with my blood-work, we have to postpone for a week until thyroid levels reach whatever.  OK - NOW I'm nervous!  I felt AWFUL, but I DID lose 10 pounds - so there was another silver lining.  LOL 


Anyway - fast forward - I get the hysterectomy done (and two total surprise hernias repaired) along with a Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair - and a blocked Bowel (with ensuing infection)!  I was in the hospital for 10 days, each surgeon jokingly blaming the other's procedure for the Bowel obstruction.  My GYN would come in with a group and beat my tummy like a drum.  Neither doc had ever seen a tummy swell that much despite every "go" drug remedy in the book.  I have to tell you that I was in AGONY for the entire time.  My veins suddenly refused to accept an IV, which was deemed necessary by the Bowel infection.  Three people tried and couldn't get the thing in so they gave up and gave me oral meds.  It finally seemed to be resolving itself, the infection anyway, and they finally let me go home. 


Hubby was a SAINT and played nurse better than some of the trained ones in the hospital.  He changed dressings, emptied drains, got me meals, and meds, and made me smile.  My recovery was very long - a good 12 weeks.  I had swelling over the months ahead - lost weight that I really needed to lose, yet upper abs were still very swollen.  By this time I'd found the forum and the support of all the wonderful people here.  The following year in August, I got up the courage to have a breast reduction/lift.  I was a little "wishy-washy" about it and was hesitant about going "too small".


My hubby was VERY hesitant about this procedure and let the PS know it.  The surgery went very well and I had very little pain and healed beautifully.  The shape was beautiful and the reduced areolas and nipple placement is perfect.  The PS decided to go conservatively based on my reaction.  Alas - 6 months later I was still bursting out of a double D.  At my 6 month checkup for the Breast Reduction - I expressed desire to have them done again - I was miserable about the size.  And by the way - WHY is my tummy still so distended???  Whereupon the PS checks me out from head to toe.   She said, "What are you doing on Wednesday?"  (It was Monday).  She said - your Muscle Repair has blown and your hernia has ripped again.  We'll redo ALL of it – Breast Reduction/Muscle Repair – Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair - hernia repair - AND - due to the medical end of it all - Insurance will cover!  (I did have to pay for the extra liposuction - upper/lower abs and bra line - but she only charged me for one area instead of three.  When you get liposuction - you MAY find that you have extra skin in the area - I did with the back liposuction. 


As my hubby drops his jaw and is speechless I say, "Sign me Up"!  Everything went beautifully this time, no complications, and at day 10 I was eating out at a restaurant.  At 5 weeks I was walking and shopping 'til I dropped in Vegas.  There was pain with the Muscle Repair but NOTHING like the first time and VERY easily tolerated.  The Breast Reduction didn't hurt at all and I was now a perfect "C" - exactly what I had hoped for.  Five months later, I ask to have my Breast Reduction "dog-ears" fixed.  But they weren't really dog-ears - they were these excess skin, puffy, looking like a pair of double A's on either side of each breast.  The PS takes a look - I say "get that crap off of me, too" and she says - "Ya' know what?  Let's do this in hospital".  And we did - one week later.  They were labeled as a "mass" on each side - and covered by insurance!  (Yes, I did have deductibles, but hey, big deal! 


Healing was a breeze with no complications at all and no pain, either.


Except for my own stupidity in indulging my sweet tooth WAY too much - I am totally thrilled with my results.  I would recommend all of the procedures to anyone who looks in the mirror and sees stuff not fixable by diet and/or exercise.  You owe it to yourself to feel good. 


For me, I feel "normal" after all these years - especially concerning the Breast Reduction.  (I'm 58 now)  I was BORN a "B" cup (ok so it was 4th grade! LOL)  I was probably a G before the first surgery.  I am not even 5'-0” tall, so henceforth was always way out of proportion, stared at and made fun of my entire life - including friends and family.  Now I am overweight, but still 20 pounds less than when I started this whole "odyssey".   I'm sorry this got so long, but I had to tell the whole story.  I'm happy to share and hope it helps someone to decide to follow their dreams.  I especially want to thank the original Tuck That Tummy forum, and Bailey, for bringing me over when this one came into being.  It's wonderful to hear the other member's stories and give and get encouragement in a safe place. 


Wishing you all good health and happiness!





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