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  • Breast Reduction

  • Revision of Dog Ears


My road to breast reduction started out the same as most woman who desires a breast reduction- as a teenager.  I developed at an early age AND was large not only for my age but also my frame. This brought on the usual glares, stares and gropes. Fast forward 10-15 years.  I was in an accident and ended up with a ruptured disc in my neck. 


I spent my child bearing years gaining weight and being in a lot a pain related to not only my breast size but from the ruptured disc.  I had the usual grooves in my shoulders, back pain, yeast infections, rashes under my breast during the summer, and having to buy expensive industrial strength double barrel sling shot triple hooked bra’s. I also absolutely hated not being able to buy matching outfits because I needed one size on the bottom and had to buy a larger size on the top to accommodate my queen size chest on my petite frame. Now might be a good time to mention I am not quite 5’ 2” tall and was squishing into a 36DDD.  I was never professionally measured so I don’t actually know what size I needed. 


Fast forward once again to the year 2006.  I decided during the year 2006 that I was very unhappy with the way my life was going.  I was extremely overweight which was contributing to my neck and back pain.  I made a plan for myself and proceeded with loosing weight.  By the summer of 2007 I had lost 60 pounds.  This in itself brought a new laundry list of problems.  I now was feeling really good and had a lot less of “me” to carry around BUT I now also had even more of my saggy, droopy large breast instead of just having large breast.  I also might add that I now had a flap of lovely belly skin as well from the weight loss which was very gross visually and had all the same issues and the breast as far as rashes etc.


So what actually led to my breast reduction you ask? My wonderful supportive husband.  I went on a shopping trip and had a little mini break down in the dressing room, full blown sobbing tears and all.  You see, I had to make a choice; it was either wear a fitted top OR fitted jeans.  I could not wear both.  I had so much loose skin that if I wore fitted jeans then it pushed the loose skin up and caused large rolls of skin and I had to wear a loose top to hide it. OR I could wear a fitted top with loose jeans so the skin would stay down. I can laugh about it now but I had had all I could take that night and absolutely broke down.  I had worked so hard to loose that weight and still could not buy clothes and look nice.  It was heart breaking for me. 


My very sweet husband of nearly 20 years said to me that he knew I had always wanted a breast reduction and since I had worked so hard to loose my weight, he thought I should have a breast reduction and tummy tuck for Christmas.  I met with my surgeon in September and scheduled surgery for November 6, 2007. 


My surgery went very well and was very uneventful. My surgeon uses his own surgery center.  I stayed over night in the surgery center with my husband which was included in my fees. He has two guest suites set up in his center for patients to stay in so that they do not have to go to a hotel.  My surgeon and a fellow who was training with him completed my surgery which included a breast reduction, tummy tuck with muscle repair and liposuction to flanks and inner knees in approximately 3 hours.  I thought this was very quick. 


My breast healed very well without any complications.  I did have the dreaded seroma with my tummy tuck and had to be drained several times over a 5 week period.  Overall it was no big deal and my incisions healed very nicely.  Very early on I could see that my right breast was slightly larger than the left side.  The shape was beautiful and I was overall very pleased.  At about the 8-10 week mark when I started trying to find bras to wear I knew I was going to have an issue with the difference in breast size.  I was only slightly larger but the problem was I was a full C on left and a small D on the right.  This meant I had to get the D size bra which did not fit on the left side.  Well I had not come this far to have to stuff my bra! I could not imagine going from too large to stuffing! ~ My surgeon and I had discussed several times my concerns and he had stated that if I was still having issues at three months then he would fix it. I was on his door step at three months to schedule my revision. 


February 14, 2008 I had revision surgery. Happy Valentines Day to me. The surgery took approximately 30 minutes.  I also had a slight dog ear fixed on the same side.  During this surgery the “T” incision was opened back up and excess skin was removed and then closed back up.  I might also add that I am allergic to tape so I was glued with both of my surgeries.  No tape was used.  I had stitches around my areolas for the first surgery otherwise glue only except for internal sutures.  This included the tummy tuck incision. 


It is the beginning of October 2008 as I write this story.  I am approaching my one year mark from original surgery.  I enjoyed my first summer since I was a teenager wearing tank tops, cami tops with the shelf bras, button up tops (without gaps), matching tops and bottom sets, and yes even bikini tops! I can now purchase the cute “cheap” bras with the skinny straps with only one hook, heck I don’t even have to wear a bra if I don’t want to. I am now a nice full perky large C, small D depending on the bra of course.  I look very proportional to my frame.  I can dress these little lovelies up or down depending on the occasion.  Would I do it again?  ABSOLUTELY~


Thank you to all my forum friends for getting me through my recovery!




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