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  • Breast Augmentation


I never thought that I would get breast augmentation surgery.  I always thought that I should be happy with how I look and not to alter my body.  On December 30th, 2007 - I was shopping for a strapless bra, and once again I knew in my heart that I would have to buy one and wear it upside down so that it would not fall down. 


I calculated that I had spent well over $6,000.00 since the age of sixteen on water bras, wonder bras, gel bras, air bras, extreme cleavage bras, miracle bras and inserts.  I still was not happy with how I looked in my clothes.  I went on line and did some research about the actual procedure of breast augmentation and found this great web-site.  I ended up going on two consultations and found a plastic surgeon that would help me achieve my goal.   


During the consultation with my plastic surgeon, it was decided that I would be getting the new gummy bear implants under the muscle – with a crease incision.  I scheduled my surgery for May 22, 2008 which was Memorial Day weekend.  I did this so that I would have a few extra days to rest from the procedure.   


I am a Chiropractor and needed to know that I would be in no danger when I returned to work as I do a lot of lifting of patients.  My surgeon told me that I would be fine.  I spent a little over two months deciding what I wanted my breasts to look like. I went through every emotion possible before my surgery with being giddy one minute and terrified the next. 


I scheduled my surgery for first thing in the morning.  That Thursday morning I showed up at my plastic surgeons office at 7:00AM to have the surgery done.  An IV was put in my arm and I waited for my plastic surgeon to come in and draw on me.  We also discussed what size I wanted to be, and I showed him a picture I had with me of what I really liked.  I finally went into surgery at 8:00AM and came out at 9:50AM.  I woke up in recovery at 10:15 AM. 


I love the way I look – I finally have the breasts I had dreamed about.  I had a friend pick me up from the plastic surgeon’s surgery center and we checked into a hotel so that I could recover.  I wanted to be able to rest and not worry about food or cleaning the house. 


I was starving after my surgery, and proceeded to eat one and a half cheese burgers and fries.  I normally can not finish one cheese burger!  I also was not in that much pain, I was more tired than anything else.  I felt good by day four.  Each and every day I had less discomfort.  I was completely pain free by day twenty one.  Each month my breasts continue to change – and I love my new look.  I am so happy that I had my surgery!  I started out as a small 32A and now I am a 32C.


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