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  • Breast Augmentation


My name is Kiersten. I am 32 years old, and had my original Breast Augmentation in May 2005. I went with smooth, saline implants placed under the muscle, due to the fact that I was very thin with little breast tissue (i.e. I had NO boobs!)

I had done quite a bit of research on the procedure, (which is highly recommended), so that I would know what to expect. When I arrived at the surgery center, I was a little nervous about the whole idea of anesthesia, but the anesthesiologist was very assuring. When they "put me under", they were smooth; I can best describe it as a "pitcher of margarita running through my veins" (now if they could just flavor it raspberry...)

I woke up as if I had just closed my eyes, and of course, immediately had to peek under my gown to see if I had gotten my long-awaited boobs. I was pleasantly surprised that I was not in as much pain as I thought I would be. My surgeon had put some meds (similar to novacaine) inside, near the surgical site, to help manage pain.

When I got home though, I started feeling the "heavy" feeling of pain. My surgeon prescribed meds to manage pain, and I slept in a recliner chair for several days. It was difficult to bathe myself, and I required the assistance of someone to help me in the bath,....quite frankly, while I cupped my poor sore boobs in my hands. I believe I was able to get around more easily after about a week, but I didn't push it. I was not permitted to drive for a week, and had taken a week off work as well.

Once my recovery started turning up, I started taking less of my prescribed pain medications. My breasts were still very "high up", and would not set low in any bra. This was simply from the stress of the surgery, and my pectoralis muscle not wanting to just "let go" of the implants yet; the muscle holds onto them until it finally relaxes (after a few months), and lets them drop. The only "side effect" of having breast implants that was irritating was what we augmented women refer to as "morning boob." This occurs only at the beginning of recovery, and lasts anywhere from one week to a month (if I recall). When I woke up every morning, after a night of sleeping still on my back, I would feel like a truck was sitting on me. However, once I got out of bed and started walking around, I was fine. Hence, the reason it's referred to "morning" boob.

Once my implants dropped into their designed surgical pockets, I was in heaven. The recovery wasn't toooo bad, and was well worth it when I got to go shopping at Victoria's Secret! I started out as a 32A or sometimes (very) padded 32B, and after having 280cc's put in, I went to a small 32D!

I became pregnant in September 2005 with our first daughter (Pregnancy seems to be another 'side effect' of having the surgery! LOL!!)

I had one implant rupture when I was about 5 months pregnant. I was devastated, but was relieved to know that the saline was harmlessly absorbed by my body. Now I was left with only one breast for the duration of my pregnancy. Upon her birth, I breastfed our daughter. Yes, one can usually still breastfeed with implants!

When we got the money to have the redo, I found out I was pregnant again! I nursed her as well. That brings us now to the current, October 2009. I am NOW getting my redo on October 14, 2009! I have decided to switch to textured silicone implants, and go to about 330 or 360 cc's. From what I have heard from the other ladies on this forum who have silicone implants, they love them!

I do not regret having the initial surgery, although I wish I had not had the bad luck I ran into at only 8months post op. I am anxiously awaiting my long awaited redo, and hope that things will go better this time around. I am very grateful for the ladies on this board who have been with me for these past 4 years, for advice, or just plain fun when I was having a bad day.

Hope this helps anyone who is thinking about making this decision! It is a big decision, but to me, it finally made me look like a woman, considering I never developed.




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