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Ladiosaforever (Cayla) Journey

  • Breast Augmentation


"While I grew up, I was constantly teased about my height and big feet, and even my breast size (compared to the rest of my body). Being raised in a strict Christian house I was forced to wear clothes that did not compliment my features. I always had to wear tank tops under my shirts to make sure no skin showed. I hardly ever felt beautiful or attractive. I wanted to look like other girls, and wear cute clothes and look beautiful.


During my teenage years I got fed up with what my parents made me wear. So I started wearing cuter/sexier clothes under sweatshirts or baggy clothes; that I would take off immediately upon leaving the house. But even then with my height I felt different and unusual compared to other girls. I was so much taller than other girls. I always felt my breast size was not proportionate compared to the rest of my body.


I was 19 years old - when I first heard about breast augmentation. I began to research it and look at before and after pictures, and was amazed at what I saw. I began to think this is what I needed to make my body feel more proportionate. So I brought the idea up to my husband whom I had only been married to for about a year. At first, he said I didn’t need it and it didn’t matter to him. But I kept telling him that it would make me feel better about my body and I wanted it badly. So we started doing research together, and the more he and I researched the more he came on board and got excited about it.


We saved money and January 23, 2008 when I was 20 years old I finally was able to have the surgery I so wanted. My surgeon was Dr. Lori H. Saltz. She is a plastic surgeon at the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Center, in La Jolla, California.


During the first consultation she let me hold the silicone and saline breast implants samples and seeing how natural the silicone implants felt made me even more excited to get this done. I looked at before and after pictures of surgeries she had preformed and thought she did really great work. I was unsure of myself a little which now I wish I hadn’t been. I didn’t want to go too big and my surgeon agreed, so we decided on 550ccs. silicone implants – which would be placed under the muscle with the crease incision. I ended up with a 30-32F bra size, and I couldn’t be any happier.


It took me only about five days to recover enough to go back to work. I still get the little shock pains from nerves reconnecting but other than that they feel natural. I love my breasts, I love how they look and my hubby loves them too. I eventually want to go a couple sizes bigger, although I do feel more proportionate. I feel like my boobs are the average size I should have been born with in regards to how tall I am. However, now I want them a little bigger than “average” – and hopefully this will be obtained in a few years.



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