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Different Types of Lip Augmentation Fillers

When hyaluronic acid is injected into the lip area, it temporarily replenishes the lip tissue's volume by replacing deteriorated support layers of the skin.  There are many formulations of hyaluronic acid fillers available.




Temporary fillers - such as Collagen - Bovine - Human Collagen - Evolence

Bovine Collagen

Human Collagen

New Kind of Collagen





  • Semi-Permanent Fillers

Calcium-based micro-spheres suspended in a water base gel.





Permanent fillers for lip augmentation.





Sculptra is not a filler but rather a collagen catalyst that stimulates your own collagen to grow.





Injectable Bio-Catalyst are known as "grow-you-own-facelift”, and the generic name is cultured autologous human fibroblasts.  This filler can be used safely in lip augmentation.





Fascian is a long and durable injectable dermal filler made from fascia. 





Cymetra is the micronized injectable form of AlloDerm.





  • Alloderm - Donated Dermis Tissue for Grafting  

Alloderm has been used for years in the area of lip augmentation with providing a long lasting implant to help with enhancement.





Lip Augmentation using a fat transfer is an outpatient surgical procedure that involves removing fat from one are on the body to the lips.

Autologen is made from your own skin and normally this tissue is obtained from any excess tissue you may have had from a previous cosmetic procedure.





Lip augmentation with synthetic lip implants is a cosmetic procedure that is performed to add volume and shape to a patient’s lips – and also used in reconstructive purposes as well.





The lip lift is performed to shorten the long lip of aging, allowing the upper teeth to show again when the lips are slightly parted.