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Merissa's Story

  • Breast Augmentation
  • 500 cc Saline Under the Muscle
  • Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Narsette


Ever since I was in high school and started to develop I have always been insecure about my breast. My breast were shaped oddly and faced outward kind of like tubular breast. I have a minor case in fact. My parents frowned upon me getting breast implants in high school so I knew I was going to get them done once I turned 18.Well I had made plans to get my first breast augmentation Fall 2005 which is when I was 18 years old however some little minor detours occurred. I was in college and ended up having my first and only child ( little girl who is 3 now ).  This obviously put things off for a while. I breast fed so it made my breast well rather unattractive. They became engorged and were a size 36C with milk. However when my breast deflated they became a total kung fu disaster. I just remember walking in front of a mirror and breaking down crying.


Being 19 years old with a 1 year old child, I had extremely oddly shaped breasts and my tummy was horribly saggy ( C section ) There were stretch marks that where miles long!  My self esteem was shot and so was my sex drive. I just felt horrible. I talked to my boyfriend at the time about how I felt and discussed what I wanted to do. He was very supportive so I decided to start my quest for surgeries.


  • First Quest:

I decided I wanted to fix my breast first. I had been considering that and a tummy tuck but I wanted to loose a bit first and my breast have bothered me for years. So I Decided to make a list of doctors I wanted to consult with. I wrote a list and met with each and every one of them.

The plastic surgeon list is as follows:

  • Robert D. Wilcox - Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center of Texas | Dallas Plastic Surgeon

  • Dr. Scott Harris - Plastic Surgery Dallas

  • John B. Tebbetts, M.D. Breast Augmentation Book - 24 Hour Breast Augmentation Recovery

  • Dr. Tomas Narsete - Cosmetic Surgery Austin, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Tom Narsete

  • Robert Schwartz, M.D Cosmetic Surgery Dallas - Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. Schwartz

I ended up going with Dr. Tomas Narsette – I really liked him and his staff and his persona. Very pleasant experience. I decided this was the doctor I wanted to use for my first procedures. Which include breast augmentation.



  •  My First Plastic Surgery Experience:

I made an appointment with Dr. Tomas Narsette and had my consultation. His consultation was complementary. I told him my concerns about my breast and why I was unhappy with them. I also told him my concerns about my tummy as well. He had me get into a gown so he could further evaluate my body. He left the room and I nervously got undress and waited for him to return.

He comes back and takes some measurements and then begins to look me over and make some suggestions to me. We discussed Implant sizes and I told him What I wished to achieve which were D implant and to have a much more natural shape ( to get rid of the tubular shape ).


He suggested implant sizes to me and we discussed saline verses silicone. Back in August 2007 silicone were not available to women under the age of 21. I was 19 at the time so we had to go with saline. He suggested putting mine under the muscle for a much more natural and secure look. So I agreed and then he also said for me that the incision in the armpit would be the best for me at the time.

I like what he had to say to and what his thoughts where and when my consult was over he gave me a bundle of 3 roses and told me that I would be spoiled there and that I would be happy with my results.


I called back a week later and wanted to book my surgery date - which was August 3rd 2007.

I came in 2 days prior for my pre Op surgery and we decided on the amount of cc's of saline we were to agree on. I did not know back then how many I wanted ( I didn’t do my research on implants thoroughly and I wish I would have.) He said they would put sizers in to see what they looked like but he ordered me 2 different sizes of implants for me. One were 300 ccs and the other was 425 cc implant shell.

During the surgery they put the sizers in and could not even tell the sizers had been placed in my body. So they chose to go with the larger Implant size which was 425 cc’s - Round Moderate Profile Style 1600 - Catalog #350-1670.  According to the manufacturer, the implants are to be filled only 50 cc more than the implant size making it 475 cc.  Dr. Narsette ended up filling the 425 cc implants to 500 ccs.  



  • My Recovery

Dr. Narsette close me up and put me into the recovery room. I remember waking up and actually freaking out because I forgot where I was actually. They reminded me what had just happened and I got really excited. The first thing I did was touch my breast. At first they felt huge. They were obviously swollen and GIANT IMPLANTS. I was ecstatic and overwhelmed. The nurse got me a mirror and all I kept saying was wow. I was in a lot of pain. It felt like I had 50 lbs added to me. I remember not being able to stand up very well. And my chest feeling like it was going to fall off of me. I was in and out it all day long because of the meds. I pretty much just laid around in mild pain and slept in my comfy bed for the first 24 hours. The hardest part was just getting comfy in bed and being able to sleep good. It was hard since I was in pain and I couldn’t get in a position to get comfy and sleep good in.

By day four I began to feel a lot better. I began walking around and I got to stand up and see my breast in the mirror for the first time since I left post op. They were very black and blue and yellow.  It scared me somewhat at first.  My breasts also looked squared to me. I began to cry and I called the doctor's office and they re assured me that this is very normal and to give them time to heal. It was at least a month before I could actually pick up my daughter without them hurting. So I sucked it up and let time pass.  Three months my breast really started to look awesome.

As time went by they began to drop and get more full and round and I really liked them. H0owever I noticed one day that they started not fitting in my bra like they used too. They had dropped and the swelling had gone away and I was left with a small C cup Breast. I was hoping for a full D cup. But that’s ok. I was still happy to have my implants. I had 6 months visit and he said things were looking great and that he’d see me again in 6 months.


Well little did I know he was moving his practice to Austin, Texas and I was now forced to see a new doctor which I didn’t like. So I just chose to stop going to the doctor since my implants were doing so well.

A year later I have started having pains in my breast every now and then which are just from nerve damage so I am told but I notice that my breast still never soften and still feel hard because he overfilled my saline implants. I also had my boyfriend point out that there is a huge air bubble or valve poking out of my implant sack on my left breast. Its totally embarrassing. It feels un comfy and sometimes you can see it if my breast are cold. It moves around. I am not sure what actually caused this but I am told it is infact an air bubble after meeting with 3 doctors for a consult.

I have learned to get used to the Air bubble and it doesn’t really bother me any more. However I am wanting larger implants ( most women wished they would have gone larger ) Now I am on my quest to get my Breast Aug redo to get 750CC’S or 800 CC’S implants and switch from saline to silicone.

I am very glad I got my breast implants I love them so much and they have given me confidence and helped me get my “ sexy back “ Even though I want larger I don’t regret getting them done. It was no where near as bad and as hard as I thought it was going to be.

Implant Info:

  • Pre Op: 36 A

  • Post OP: 36 C

  • 425 cc’s Round Moderate Profile

  • Filled to 500 ccs

  • Under The Muscle

  • On the Quest For Larger Implants

  • Wanting 700 cc - 800 cc






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