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Shirley – Mississippi Girl

  • Breast Augmentation

Well I am 5'3" tall my weight was 130 pounds – and before my breast augmentation I started out a 34D/36D.


I had always had the beautiful natural big breast. Then after having my third child I lost all the upper pole fullness, all I had was mostly bottom boobage.  I felt horrible about myself, and because of this I would not wear some shirts or lingerie because I hated the way I looked in it.


I told my husband about wanting a breast augmentation /breast lift; so finally he said after I turned 30 and our last child was older I could get it done.  We started researching the procedure in April 2007.  My husband still had some doubts about the procedure, so I started to research breast augmentation online, and found the Forum


Finding a forum was such a comfort, and I shortly found out what I needed to do in order to get a consult, and how to get my husband on board.  Getting him involved in the process of breast augmentation was so important.  Together we looked at so many pictures of breasts on line, that I soon knew what I was hoping for terms of results.


We saved the money to pay for this procedure by me getting a part time job.  At one point I was working three jobs, two part time positions and one full time.  It was hard, but I was determined to get this done.


We finally set up a consult with our local plastic surgeon in town on January 21, 2008 at 2:45 PM.  I shortly found out that I was going to need a breast lift along with the augmentation.  This new shattered me, as I didn’t want scars on my breasts, and the lift procedure was going to be so much more money that what I had saved for.


My little sister had her breast augmentation done by a plastic surgeon that is located in Nashville, Tennessee.  Her referral was one of high praise and I was anxious to have a consult with him.  At this same time I started to work out to loose some weight and to build some muscle.  I was able to set a consult with Dr. Jeffrey Marvel in Nashville Tennessee on February 28, 2008 at 1:30 PM.  I had sent Dr. Marvel some photos via email before the consult so he could see what I might need, and at the time he thought I would need a lift as well.


I was prepared at this time to hear that I needed a breast augmentation and lift again at the consult, mainly because Dr. Marvel had already told me he felt I might, however was pleasantly surprised to find out I didn’t need a lift at all, only a large implant to fill out my empty skin.  Hearing this news made me ecstatic, as I knew I had the tendency to keloid with scars, so having scars on my breasts frightened me.


Both my husband and me really liked Dr. Marvel and felt he knew best.  He was recommending a 510ccs. Moderate Plus saline implant made by Mentor, under the muscle with a crease incision.


Woo-hoo!  We set surgery up for March 17, 2008, and paid for it all in cash!   I couldn’t wait for my surgery date.  I got prepared and got everything I needed to have on hand before the surgery.  My husband was taking some vacation time to help out during the recovery.  We drove to Nashville, Tennessee the day before and surgery was scheduled for 12:30 PM the following day!


I was so nervous wreck with the anticipation of the upcoming surgery.  I cleaned the house like crazy and did everything I could to keep myself busy, and keep me from thinking the dreary “what ifs”.


I went into surgery at 1:00 p.m. on March 17, 2008.  I remember the anesthesiologist giving me the “feel good medicine” in my IV. I told him that anesthesia made me sick, so he gave me the cocktail. Then I was out, I remember waking up a few hours later in the recovery room.


I was so nauseated, I told my Plastic Surgeon I was going to puke, and I was in pain.   I felt like a brick was on my chest.  Thankfully he gave me some pain med via the IV and a anti-nausea drug.  All I remember is waking up in the hotel room at 12 midnight wanting something to drink.  My wonderful husband was there and gave me some sprite and made me eat crackers, gave me my dose of pain medication and I was out again.


The next morning was the trip home.  I took all my meds Valium and Lortab, and we were on our way.  Unfortunately I got sick one time on the way coming home.  I slept the rest of the way home in the car and then my husband helped me into bed to rest.  My husband was awesome!


My husband went and got our kids when they got home.  I couldn’t wait to see the girls!   They were wrapped up and had band-aids over the incision marks.


They looked awesome, huge, swollen!  I was like overwhelmed as they are so big.


They felt hard like bricks, and I was concerned that they were going to stay this way.  At first my husband didn’t like them, but as time went on he began to like them more and more.  Within three months they were beginning to feel like mine, we were totally in love with them!  At five months they were feeling softer and softer and more natural, I was on cloud nine. 


It has been seven months now, and this has been the best decision I have ever made.  I am so very happy and I feel so much better about myself confidence wise.  I have so much pride in myself now.  My wonderful husband love them, and he tells them he love them everyday.  He says he wises we would have done this years ago!  They are so completely awesome!  Having a breast augmentation has changed me and my life for the better.  It was the absolute best thing I could have ever done for myself……and also it was a birthday present to me too!



         Before Breast Augmentation                                 After  Breast Augmentation  



Mississippi Girl's Stats:

  • 5'-3" Tall - 130 lbs.

  • 510cc Mentor Moderate Plus - Saline

  • Under the Muscle

  • Pre-Op:  36D

  • Post-Op:  36DDD/36F

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