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Mitzie’s Story (Mitziegail)

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Full Anchor Lift


My journey to beautiful breasts started shortly after giving birth to my first child in December of 2003.  After nursing for only 2 months, my once perfect, perky, 21 year old “fun bags” turned into saggy, deflated udders.  I made the decision that once I was done having children, I would be getting an augmentation.  I was a small C when I got pregnant and ended up a full E when I gave birth.  After nursing, I settled into a D. 


Skip forward 4 years, another child, and about 30 lbs later.  In November 2007 I decided it was time to join a gym and get back into shape.  After 6 months and a 20 lb loss, I started feeling a lot better about myself.  I got confident and bought my first bikini in 5 years!  Even though I had said on more than one occasion I would never wear a bikini again.  To my surprise, I looked and felt hot in it!  But I still couldn’t get past the way my top half looked. 


Many times over that 4 year period, I thought about how great it would be to have fuller breasts, but never really thought it would be a reality.  My work-out partner/co-worker/close friend (we’ll call her HT) and I both wanted to get breast augmentation and talked about it often.  In April of this year, I heard about an old co-worker that was getting implants.  Her boyfriend works in my building and knew we were friends.  I was jealous and excited for her at the same time.  I quickly emailed her and asked her for all of the details, which she very willingly provided.  I also talked to my hairdresser, who I knew had had a lift and augmentation, and she filled me in on her procedure.  Another friend told me it was the best decision she had ever made.  Everyone I discussed it with encouraged me to go for it, even my mother!


On April 29th, 2008, I made the call to schedule my consultation appointment.  Amazingly, I got an appointment for that same week!  I told HT the next day and she called and got in an hour and half before me, thanks to a cancellation.  What are the odds?!  On May 2nd at 11 am, my husband and I, nervous and excited, both met with Dr. Harper, my Plastic Surgeon, and discussed what procedure I would need to have.  He advised a full anchor lift with 300-325cc silicone moderate plus profile implants. 


I tried on everything from 300-350cc and decided on 350ccs...  I was on cloud 9 until we met with the person in charge of the financial aspect and received a quote for $8055…ouch!!  This was not what we were expecting, but we weren’t sure beforehand if I would need the lift or not.  I got discouraged because this was about $2000 more than I had planned for and I started to wonder how I would ever come up with the money.  Thankfully, we were able to borrow more money than I thought we would and I booked my surgery the following week. 


We had already planned a vacation for Memorial Day weekend so I scheduled it for the Wednesday after, June 4th.  HT also scheduled hers for the week before that, so we were in this together.  The whole month leading up to surgery, it was all we could talk about.  We went back and forth on size, looked at thousands of before and after pictures, and researched every website we could get our hands on.  We also went back in to try on the implants again and both decided to go with 400cc. 


Neither of us thought the month could go by any slower, but somehow we got through it.  HT’s surgery was scheduled for May 28th, which was the day I was returning from vacation, and we stayed in touch all morning.  Unfortunately she had two delays in her surgery, so when she finally got called in nearly 4 hours later than planned, she ended up having a fever and they canceled her surgery.  I felt so bad for her and started to get nervous that the same would happen to me. 


I don’t think I have ever been as nervous as I was the week leading up to surgery day, and the day itself.  Everything went smoothly and before I knew it, I was getting my IV and heading back to the operating room.  The last thing I remember was the anesthesiologist telling me, “I’m going to give you something to help you relax.”   I woke up to the nurse asking if I felt nauseous, and she proceeded to put something in my IV.  What seemed like a few minutes later (it was actually hours) I was being helped out of the bed, getting dressed and heading out the door.  I don’t remember much of the car ride home, but apparently I was on my cell phone calling people the whole time. 


I remember getting home and going straight for the bed.  The rest of the day is a blur.  My wonderful husband took great care of me and even set his alarm clock to wake up every four hours to give me my medicine and check my nipples (doctor’s orders – checking for circulation) and he never complained once. 


The next day I was able to get out of bed and move to the living room, and on day two I was able to remove the bandages and take a shower.  I couldn’t wash my hair or dry myself off, so thankfully my husband was there to help with those things too.  He actually ended up taking the first 3 days off with me and it was definitely helpful.  I was off the meds by day 4 and didn’t really have any pain, just tightness. 


Right about the 4 day mark I started having doubts.  Everything was just SO high still and NOT what I expected.  I called a friend who had worked at a Plastic Surgeon’s office and cried to her about it.  I sent her some pictures and she assured me that I looked normal, but I still felt so NOT normal.  My neighbor had a breast augmentation years ago so I called her to come over and take a look and she made me feel a little bit better.  I just knew that I would feel so awkward going back to work looking the way I did. 


When I went in for my 1 week check up, I told my PS what I’d been going through and after talking to him I started to understand why everything was so high.  He explained that everything would drop into place and he was very happy with where I was at the time.  I started back at work the next day and wore the loosest fitting shirt I had.  I felt like I had pecs (rather than huge boobs - what I expected) and I didn’t want anyone to notice, and I just felt weird, like my head wasn’t clear. 

HT assured me that it was not noticeable at all, but I was very self conscious.  My old co-worker’s boyfriend (the one who had her surgery in April) came to check on me and I told him I was fine, but I didn’t really go into detail.  He could tell I seemed down and knew something was up so after I left early for the day he asked HT what was wrong.  She told him I just didn’t feel good about everything being so high and I didn’t feel normal. 


The advice he told her to give to me was truly what got me out of the slump I was in.  It seems silly, but I felt so much better afterwards.  He told her to tell me to try on a bathing suit.  She called me that night to tell me and wow, what a difference it made.  I tried on the same suit that I had taken my before pictures in and it was the best thing I could’ve done for myself.  I have attached both the before pictures and the pictures from that night so you can see what I was looking at.  Ever since that day my confidence has grown more and more. 


Having my surgery has been an amazing experience; one that I never would have guessed it would have such a wonderful effect on my self esteem. There have been a few bumps along the way, I had a few spitting stitches and my left side dropped before my right side.  But it’s all been worth it and I’m super excited to see the end result.  Already I’ve gone from being a self conscience, drab mother of two, to a confident, hot mama!  I’m now almost 4 months post op and I couldn’t be happier.  My favorite phrase that best describes me is “I’m not conceited, I’m simply aware of my sexy little self!”       



               Before                                  8 Weeks Post Op                       12 weeks Post Op








Mitzie's Stats:

  • 5'-4" Tall - 130 lbs.

  • Mentor Silicone Moderate Plus - 400cc

  • Pre-Op:  Saggy 34D

  • Post Op:  TBD




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