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Mama2FiveBoys (Melissa’s Story)

  • Breast Augmentation


My story begins as a young girl, like most of yours I am sure.  As a teenager I dreamed of the day my breasts would develop . . . I waited and waited . . . by the time I was 16 I was still wearing a 34 A!  I watched as most of my friends had already developed and I continued to wait.  I felt so ashamed of my body.  I wore padded push up bras to have the look of having boobs to fill out my clothes.  I would stare at other women with envy and think why ME?   


Well at 37 years of age, and 5 children later I was still waiting!  Last year I really started contemplating getting breast augmentation.  It is something I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to do, number one because I am a big chicken, number two 2 because of the cost involved.


So in January of 2007 I started doing a lot of research on line and met with two local plastic surgeons.  The first one I didn't like, my husband went with me and he didn't care for his personality either, so he was out.  We went to the next one.  I really liked him.  He was very caring and supportive.  On Valentine's Day I booked my surgery for just two weeks later!  I was so excited.  But as the days went by I began getting more and more nervous . . . the weekend before surgery I began having panic attacks and worrying about dying during surgery and leaving my husband and my boys behind. 


On Monday I went in and talked with the doctor.  He was very understanding and told me that we should cancel or postpone surgery that was scheduled for the next day.  He even refunded my entire $500 NON refundable deposit and told me that when ever I was ready to come back and he would be more than happy to do my surgery.


At first I was so relieved!  But then as time went on I was once again obsessed with my breasts and how unhappy they made me.   


I went to Los Angeles in February of 2008 with my best friend John who was there on business and while I was there I went to see where Dr. Robert Rey's (Dr. 90210) office was.  I couldn't believe I was standing outside his office; I loved watching his show and always secretly dreamed of being able to go to Dr. Rey.  My friend convinced me to go inside to see his office; he said that we would just go in and ask about how much his fees were.  I was a nervous wreck, I was so excited, but what if I saw him???  What would I say when I walked in???  What if there were a bunch of people in his waiting room???  Finally I worked up the nerve and walked in . . . no one was in the waiting room, I walked up to the receptionist and asked about his fees for breast augmentation and his surgery schedule, his wait was only 2 months and he was only $1500 more than our local surgeons.  And by the way, Dr. Rey wasn't in, he is only in on Tuesday's, every other day is surgery day for him!


I came home from California with Dr. Rey and my boobs heavy on my mind.  I wanted this so badly, but yet I was still so scared.  What if I backed out again?  But if I didn't try I knew that I would never truly be happy!


Later my friend John came back to me and said that he had another business trip in April and that he had called Dr. Rey's office and they could do the surgery while he was there, which for me meant a free week of hotel and rental car!  Also it was an added plus that John could be there to take care of me.  I couldn't believe it, my head was spinning how - how could this possibly be a reality, I had only dreamed of this!  I talked to Mark about it and he said to go for it, he was so excited for me and told me that he would handle the boys and we would come up with the money this was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.  I knew I had to make up my mind quickly because his schedule would fill up quickly . . . I said yes and we made the appointment. I had about 6 weeks until surgery to get through.  I had to have a mammogram and blood work. 


I was still so scared, more scared than excited.  I was so afraid of backing out.  John suggested I look into hypnosis, we found a lady about a 1/2 hour away and I went and talked to her.  I really liked her.  I was embarrassed  when I told her why I was there, and this isn't fate I don't know what is, she had had breast augmentation herself 19 years ago and had never had a problem or had them replaced!  She made me feel so much better, we talked about why I felt the way I did etc. 


My story is complicated and I think so much of it goes back to the fact that I had lost one of my sons, he died from a Group B Strep infection when he was just 2 days old.   This infection should have been so curable with IV antibiotics, yet my son died.  From that moment on my life was forever changed, I was no longer naive and thought things like this only happened to other people, now I was one of those other people and if my son died, what was protecting me from losing another child, my husband or dying myself? 


The thought of putting myself through a dangerous surgery just to have breasts when I had 4 boys at home who needed me made me feel so selfish and irresponsible. The therapist helped me so much to see that I deserved this!  That I needed to this for me and it would make me a better wife and mother to do something for myself.  I met with her once a week to keep me on track.  I still had doubts and thought about cancelling from time to time.  I only told a couple friends I was doing this, most wouldn't understand and I was having enough doubts without them putting more in my mind.  So I struggled with this decision so much.


Finally the time was here, we flew out on Tuesday for my consult and surgery was scheduled for the very next day!  As soon as we got to Los Angeles we got something to eat and went straight to Dr. Rey's office.  This time there were people in the waiting room.  My head was spinning as I was so excited to meet Dr. Rey and also so nervous about surgery.  As we sitting in the waiting room for my appointment their office phone rang, and as I looked up there stood Dr. Rey answering the phone! 


Finally I was called back, I felt like I would pass out as I was so excited.  I sat in the room in my pink gown waiting for Dr. Rey to come in.  Soon he knocked on the door and burst in with a huge smile and hello just like on TV.  He immediately put me at ease being so kind and compassionate.  He told me how beautiful I was, how wonderful I looked for having 5 children and called me pretty baby the entire time, it was so surreal.


I told him I came to him for the TUBA procedure and I was thinking that 350 cc could me a full C hopefully.  Dr. Rey told me that I needed to look in the 400 range to achieve that look.  Also he told me that he really suggested silicone over saline, but it was my choice and he would do whatever type of implant I wanted.  He just said that most women my age were going with silicone and that it was so safe compared to the older silicone implants that use to be on the market.  He also remarked that these implants could possibly last a lifetime and that unless you had some sort of trauma you really did not need the MRI's like I had read about.  Now my head was really spinning, he would have to cut my breast for the silicone, he said that my areola was not large enough to fit a pre-filled implant through that incision.  Dr. Rey told me over and over it was my choice and gave me extra time to think about it.  I talked to all the girls in his office that had had breast augmentations done by him. 


All the office staff reiterated that they loved their silicone; some had even switched from saline to silicone.  I finally made up my mind and went with 425 cc silicone.  I left his office even more nervous than before, as surgery was in the morning!  I had to run around and get my pain prescriptions and get things for the hotel since I would be there for a total of 11 days and knew I wouldn't feel like going out right away.


I don't know how I slept that night, jet lag I suppose!  The next morning I got up and showered – and then it was time to head to the surgery center.  They took me back to a room to change and then put me in a bed to wait, they finally let John come back and I was crying as I was so scared, I kept thinking WHAT am I doing???  What if something goes wrong???  What if I die???  What if I am disfigured, all these crazy thoughts just kept going through my mind, until I heard Dr Rey say good morning pretty baby how are you today?  I immediately stopped crying, he had two boxes in his hand and said that they were my implants and told me to stand up so that he could draw on me.  As he knelt down in front of me I remember saying, Dr. Rey you smell so good and he said it was something Brazilian.  As he drew on me he said that we are going to make these beautiful breasts match my nice little ass, I just smiled!  He truly made me feel so special and beautiful!


Then he left to wash up and get ready and they came in to do my IV, he couldn't get it in my hand, I was too dehydrated so he had to put it in my arm.


I then had to tell John goodbye and I was crying and part of me wanted to yell no, I can't do this!


I remember walking back to the OR crying and laying on the table.  It was so cold in there, I remember him telling me to count backwards I don't even remember saying anything I was gone!


I remember as soon as I woke up I was sick to my stomach, I started throwing up.  I had taken meds in my IV for the nausea and even used the patch behind my ear yet I was so sick!  I was so groggy I don't even remember if I was in pain or not.  They had me drink something and waited for me to come around and got me ready to go home.  Dr. Rey came in and showed me the pictures they took of me on the table with my new boobies and told me everything went perfect!  I remember saying I love you Dr. Rey and he said I love you too Melissa! 


The ride to the hotel was HELL!  I felt every bump and I threw up non stop.  I was still so groggy.  Dr. Rey gives very strict instructions every 4 hours you must get up and walk for 20 minutes and cough like 10 times every hour.  So I remember John waking me up to walk, we walked the outside of the hotel we were staying in.  It was a beautiful hotel with beautiful foliage and flowers.   The first few times I had to take a bucket with me as I threw up.  Actually I threw up for 5 days and then we finally realized the Percocet was making me sick!  So Dr. Rey switched me to Darvocet. 


John was with me from surgery Wednesday until he had to go teach a class Monday thru Friday, then I was left alone all day in the hotel.  After a few days we went out to eat and to a movie, I slept through the entire movie!


This was so much harder than I thought it would be, I had read the other girls stories and they all did so well so quickly.  I had had all 5 of my boys with no pain meds at all!  Why was this so hard on me?


I cried every day, then when John had to go to work and I was alone, I cried all day, I was so lonely, I was in so much pain, I missed my boys and my husband and I kept thinking why did I do this to myself?  Then to top things off I had a blown vein in my arm from the IV and for over 11 days I couldn't even bend my arm at all!


On the 10th day I went back for my second post op visit before I flew home the next day.  Everything looked good and I was excited to be going home tomorrow!  I knew that just being home with my own things around me and Mark and the boys I would feel so much better.


The flight home was delayed by a couple hours at LAX, I was so tired and it was freezing in there, I still didn't feel good, I couldn't bend my arm and I just wanted to go home!  Finally we boarded the plane and headed home, the flight seemed to take forever and with the delay we realized once we got to Chicago we would miss our connecting flight home, we would have to rent a car once we got there and drive the 2 1/2 hours home from O'Hare.  It was already a long day and I was totally exhausted.  Once we finally landed, we just missed our connecting flight by a few minutes, now we had to go get a rental car and drive the rest of the way.  Finally that evening we arrived home, Mark had cleaned the entire house and he and the boys were waiting for me with big hugs!  I was so tired and I didn't feel good and when they hugged me I just broke down crying . . . I was home finally . . . and seeing all my boys I immediately felt better!


At my 3 week mark I was allowed to wear regular bras, I decided to go have my first fitting and buy myself a new bra to make myself feel better, I was having dinner with a couple girlfriends that night for the first time since my surgery.  I went into Victoria's Secret and I asked the manager to do my fitting.  I don't "know" her but I see her in there all the time and we chit chat sometimes.  I told her my story of going to LA and having my boobs done by Dr. 90210 and showed her my pictures, thinking that surely she would not believe me!  She was so excited for me, she told all the girls who worked there and they all came back into the dressing room and wanted to see my pictures and hear my story.  For the first time in awhile I really smiled and felt happy about my decision.  After all the excitement I was measured and I was a full C, just what I had asked for.


In a couple weeks we were leaving for a 2 week vacation to Orlando, this would be our 3rd year in a row going to Orlando.  We were going to Cocoa Beach, Disney World, MGM Studios for Star Wars weekends and to Sea World.  We were driving and I just kept thinking surely I will feel better by then, it would be my 5 week mark, but with each passing day I wasn't feeling better, I was still so sore and depressed.  I cried almost every day; I just couldn't shake this feeling of sadness.


Finally the time arrived to go on vacation.  The boys were so excited; I just wish that I was.  The drive was so long, 1,800 miles each way.  I just kept wondering how I would ever keep up, when we went to the parks we would be there from opening to closing and I couldn't disappoint the boys.  Even though I didn't feel good I didn't let that stop me, we went non stop and did everything we did the years before.  Even though inside I was filled with sadness, and I was exhausted and I was still so sore.  Honestly, when vacation was over and it was time to go home I was relieved.


Things were pretty much like that for the first 3 months, then at about 3 months things just turned around for me.  I wasn't sad anymore, I felt good, I was ME again . . . I loved my new boobs and finally after all these months I knew I made the right choice.  I was happy again and I had a new found confidence!  I enjoyed shopping for cute little tops and new bras.  After all this time I could finally say this is the best thing I ever did for myself!


4 months after surgery I had the opportunity to go back to LA.  This time I took the boys with me and we went to Disney Land while we were there and I also was able to go back to Dr. Rey's office for another post op visit.  However, Dr. Rey wasn't there, I had to see his assistant.  But she said everything looked great.  We had a wonderful vacation this time.  It was so exciting to take the boys on their first airplane trip, take them somewhere they had never been before and see their faces.  We did so much in those 4 days; we went to Disney Land, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, Santa Monica Pier, Knottsberry Farms, and Seal Beach, Beverly Hills, Hollywood etc. It was non stop trip and I enjoyed it with the boys so much.


I am now nine months post op.  It has been a long hard journey, but one I am so glad that I made.  I finally feel "complete".  I have a self confidence I never knew I could have.  Life is good. 


When Bailey asked me to share my story I was very hesitant, my story is so different from most, my recovery was so long and hard and I haven't met anyone who had the post op depression as badly as I did.  I didn't want to scare anyone off with my story.  But then as I thought about it, I thought maybe it would be helpful to someone who is also scared and worried and unsure, but also wants this so badly, so it is my hope that in writing this and someone reading this, they will know that they are not alone and that even though my recovery was long and hard, it was truly one of the best things I have ever done for myself!


Breast Augmentation - Pre Op:  34A - Post Op: 34D


                                      425cc Silicone Under the Muscle


                                           Surgeon:  Dr. Robert Rey



                                               Melissa and Dr. Rey 



                                       Melissa - Beverly Hills, California




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