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Gina’s Story  (momof2boys)

  • Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair


Growing up I never had to worry about my weight!  A lot of people said that I was underweight but no matter how much I would eat I would never gain any weight.   I was very active so I just contribute that to be the reason that I just couldn’t gain weight.  When I got pregnant with my first child I gained a ton of weight and after my third son was born I had not lost any of the “baby weight” or the extra weight.  About 6 years later, during the Christmas holidays,  my husband sat me down on the bed and told me that he was worried about me because of all the weight that I had gained and that he wanted me to be around for a long time and the way I was going he was afraid that I wouldn’t make it.  Well, that is all that it took and about eight months later I was at my goal weight! 


I was extremely happy that I could fit into a size 2 but I still had a lot of skin or roll right around my tummy and I started thinking that I did not exercise right or there was something that I hadn’t done to get rid of that!  So, I just try to hide the roll by pulling my pants just enough up to hide the roll or I would make sure that a shirt would be long enough to not show anything.  As the years went by I started really wanting a tummy tuck but I just couldn’t afford it.  I would talk with my husband about it a little but I just really daydreamed about it.


Well, I finally got enough courage to go for a consultation and to see how much it would cost me since my best friend just had a tummy tuck and said that it wasn’t bad.  On my consultation day I was so nervous because I didn’t hear a doctor tell me that I didn’t do something right.  So, I am in the office and the first thing the doctor said to me was that it wasn’t my fault that because of having 3 children and losing a lot of weight (80 lbs) that I physically could not fix it and that I was a great candidate for a tummy tuck! 


Well, after hearing the price and what not I scheduled my tummy tuck on August 28,2008!  The surgery went great!  I didn’t mind the drain so much but it was out in 7 days which I was very happy about!  It was the binder that drove me crazy!  I would tell my husband that it was a love/hate relationship.  When it was on it either too tight or not tight enough or it was pushing my chest into my throat.  But when it was off I hurt and felt like my I was going to fall apart. 


I will say though that I love the way my tummy looks now but I am still very swollen!  When I get out of bed in the mornings I look at my tummy and all or most of the swelling is gone but by evening I am very much swollen so it is still a process for me!  The boards have been a HUGE help for me and yes I would it do it all over again! 




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