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Monica's Story

  • First Surgery:  Breast Augmentation and Benelli Lift - 500 cc Silicone Moderates
  • Second Surgery:  Revision to go larger - 800 cc High Profile Breast Implants
  • Third Surgery:  Downsize to 450 cc Moderate Plus
  • Fourth Surgery:  Vertical / Lollipop Lift


I had dreamed of having larger breasts forever, and was determined to get an augmentation one day. I did a lot of research to make sure it was the right decision for me and finally the time came when I decided to go ahead and go for a consult. I was a 34 A/B and desired to get to a nice D cup. So, in 2002, I got 500ccs silicone moderates over the muscle and a Benelli Lift. This got me to a full 34D. It was done under general anesthesia, and I admit I got quite nauseous and dizzy afterward for about 24 hours, getting better slowly, and the anti nausea meds they prescribed me helped a lot. The main thing was the dizziness. But it was so worth it!! I was so happy and couldn't keep my eyes of them :) I had no pain though, just the usual "morning boob" when first rising. I didn't even need Tylenol!

Then I got boob greed LOL and had a redo to 800ccs High Profile silicone over the muscle placement the following year, in early 2003. WOW, I was a 34DDD now, it was much fun, I loved the look. The redo was easy, under local anesthesia and sedation, when it was done I felt great! No nausea or anything, just as if I had taken nap. Recovery was easy, I just had to be careful for a couple weeks to let the incision heal.

So then in late 2005 I decided to go down in size again. I had no complications, I simply desired to be smaller, proportionate, and in my case, I got too much attention for my liking, maybe because I am very slender and love wearing fitted and also revealing clothes, so they looked very much VAVOOM!!  I decided to switch to 450ccs moderate plus silicone over the muscle. I was now a 34D. Recovery was a breeze. I wanted to see if I could get away without a lift, but even though the skin bounced back some, it had stretched too much from the heavy implants before.

So I then had a Vertical / Lollipop lift the following year, in late 2006. It was done under general anesthesia of course, but this time, no nausea or dizziness! Not sure why, but i was happy. WOW, the girls looked fabulous after that! It's so fun to have perky boobs :) It healed fine, except my right vertical incision stretched over time. I had not used the M3 paper tape after the lift, because I did not know about it then. After the lift and exercising more which leaned me out, I went down in band size a bit and am now a 32 D/DD. It's the perfect size for me.

My last procedure was a revision of the right vertical scar, in January of 2009, and I have been using the M3 paper tape since then, across the incision/scar, and my results a fabulous! The procedure was done just under local (no sedation), which was great and it's not as scary as it sounds. I would do it again any day this way. It healed to a nice thin line and it's getting lighter each month. I will keep applying tape until my one year revision anniversary to make sure the scar is fully matured and will keep it's shape. Probably not necessary, but I'm playing it safe ;)
All in all, I am so happy I went ahead and did this for me. I feel so good and appreciate my girls each day.






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