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Mrs. Delrosario's Journey

  • Breast Reduction


The first time I remember hating my boobs was in 7th grade.  It was the first day of junior high school and this boy that I knew from 6th grade came up to me and said “Whoa, those weren’t there the last time I saw you!” It just got worse from there. My mom was in denial that I was so big; she was still trying to stuff me into training bras when even her bras didn’t fit me.  I never wanted to participate in P.E. I couldn’t really go shopping with my friends, when I did I stuck to the accessories and purses.  I always wanted to hold off on my Breast Reduction until after I had all my babies.  I really wanted to be able to breast-feed.

So I finally had my first baby, and then I decided that he’s my last! I love him but it was a very difficult birth for me.  So as soon as I realized that I was done having babies I was in my Doctors office asking for a referral for a Plastic Surgeon to do a Breast Reduction! It went so fast, I saw the PS, my insurance was approved, and then I had my Breast Reduction surgery date. I can tell you that I am very different from other people as in I was never really scared or nervous.  I really wanted this surgery so badly that it was going to take a lot to scare me off. If anything I was EXCITED!!! Even the thought of recovery and pain didn’t bother me.

So it really felt like the day would never come, but before I knew it I was at my Plastic Surgeon office,
Dr. Michael Peters in San Diego, and he was marking me up! And the silliest part is, for me, the marking with the sharpie and getting my IV was really the most painful part!!! LOL, that was really a sharp "sharpie". I explained to my PS one final time that I would like to be a small, medium C cup. Of course he can't promise anything but he took that into consideration while making his markings. He marked me in his office, which is across the street from the hospital (my surgery was in the hospital because my insurance paid for it) so, then my husband and I went to the hospital, and I was in the waiting room for maybe 30 min and then they called me into the back! I couldn't believe it was going to happen! So, I changed into my gown, socks, and cap.  The nurses were really nice, they had about 4 different people come in and ask me the same questions, to make sure they have the right patient and the right procedure.  Name, Procedure (bilateral breast reduction), any allergies, questions...

Then the anesthesiologist came in and she went over the same questions then explained to me how she was going to put me to sleep. Then they walked me into the operating room and that was the first time I felt a little nervous! Only because it's not a very friendly looking room. It was very cold in there, the table looked like a torcher device, and the lights above the table looked like something that would be in a UFO.  But once I got on the table I was fine. They were nice enough to put a really warm blanket on me and made nice small talk. First they put an oxygen mask and I would breathe in oxygen (smelled like plastic) then came the sleeping gas, then the numbing medication through the IV.  The nurses again were really nice, telling me to dream happy things like shopping for cute tops and dresses! I was out so fast; I couldn't even tell you how fast it was. The next thing I knew I was awake and it was over!

When I finally woke up I was not in any pain but I was itchy on my face, and a little uncomfortable, but I was so happy that it didn't even matter. My throat really hurt and I was so thirsty because I wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything since midnight. The nurse brought me apple juice. I didn't feel like I was out of it, but if I was I wouldn't worry too much because the nurses in the surgery center has probably seen it all! Unfortunately for me I felt a little sick and I puked on the way to the bathroom. But that's when I got to see myself for the first time, and even with all the bandages, and my shirt over it I could tell that I WAS WAY SMALLER!!!


At first it really freaked me out and I said "holy cow I’m too small!!" But I have to remember that I am really strapped in, so I’m positive I will be happy with the end results. I mean, I actually looked skinnier!!! yay!  I think just moving at first is what made me sick.  They had to keep me a little longer than expected because my heart rate was pretty high, 130. Which I thought was very strange because I'm very healthy and I work out regularly, so that surprised me, but I guess you never know how your body will react.

Everyone told me that the car ride home was going to be bad and I didn't notice it at all.  The worst part for me was getting up to my place. I live on the third floor of an apartment building so I had to walk very slowly and every level I threw up, luckily the hospital gave me some puke bags and they really came in handy.  As soon as I was in the door I first brushed my teeth and then carefully sat on my couch. Luckily I didn’t have drains, I don't know what my PS did differently that allows me to not have drains but I am so grateful.  The garment I was wearing was not the most comfortable.  It was very tight and could be a little itchy at times, but I was trying to not think of it that much because it could be much worse. I am very grateful that I did not have drains!!!

Four days later I was in a little pain. It's not a sharp pain, and it's not as bad as I thought it would have been. It's like a dull pain in my chest area. Getting up from my couch was the hardest thing. I decided not to go in my bed because that would probably be even harder to get out of.

I think that having a positive attitude will go a long way.  I figure, why worry about something that is not in your control? You've made a decision to have the surgery.  Let it play out and you can only deal with what’s in front of you. No amount of worrying is going to help or change anything.  So I hope I helped anyone that is thinking about having a BR.  I’ve heard it said so many other times and I’ll say it myself. The only regret I have is not doing it sooner. I feel fabulous and I can’t wait to live my new life!  




           Before Breast Reduction - 32HH                   Before Breast Reduction - 32HH




                After Breast Reduction - Side                       After Breast Reduction - Front




               After Breast Reduction - 32C/D                  After Breast Reduction - 32C/D





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