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Nipple or Breast Sensation Changes


Sensation in the nipple and breast can increase or decrease after any surgery done to the breast, including having a simple biopsy.  


This includes:


The range of changes varies from intense sensation to no sensation in the nipple or breast following surgery. 

The physiological response to stimuli (sexual and non-sexual) and also the ability to nurse a baby can be adversely affected by nipple and breast sensation changes after breast augmentation or breast surgery. 

Both Allergan and Mentor, the two largest implant manufacturers studies have suggested that anywhere from five to nine percent of patients experience intense changes in the nipple sensation at the three year mark.  And ten percent experience intense changes at the five year mark.  It is also noted, that an additional ten percent of patients will experience a permanent loss of nipple sensation. 

Patients who experience intense skin sensation or hypersensitivity are around seven to eight percent between three to five years after breast augmentation surgery.


Factors that can increase the risk of nipple and breast sensation - after breast augmentation:


Changes in sensation might be permanent or temporary; which are often due to swelling that usually resolves after 4-6 weeks. The loss of sensation in the nipple or the breast might take up to a year or more to return, and with most patients this does return.




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