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Oliver06 – Krystal’s Story

  • Breast Augmentation


I always wanted to have larger breasts, not necessarily huge, but I was jealous when I would see girls who were much younger than me filling out tops I would have loved to wear (without using a padded bra!). Especially in the summertime, when all I wanted to wear was a sundress, or a nice tank top without looking totally flat (and bikinis! hated always having to find padded tops.. all the cute bikinis had no padding at all).


I would joke about it a lot to my husband, and he would tell me that I'm perfect as I am. Then finally, one night I told him that I would eventually have the surgery done, it was just a matter of time and money. So he told me to start looking into it, and how much it would cost.


I found one surgeon through a friend of mine who had it done by a certain doctor, and she gave her rave reviews (also, her results were nice). So I went there for a consultation, it took about 2 weeks to get an appointment with her. In the meantime, the woman on the phone said she would mail out some forms for me to fill out beforehand, with directions to the office (these never came in the mail). I took my husband with me, and when we got there to the office, it took the receptionists 5 minutes to acknowledge that we were there (and they were not busy, they looked at us, and just didn't say anything), and it was really rude. Finally, one came over, and said, "Okay, the consult fee is $100". I wasn't comfortable there, I felt like people were looking "down on" us and I felt out of place.


A few minutes later, the doctor came out to greet us and brought us into an exam room. She asked me why I wanted to have the procedure done, and I told her that I wanted to be proportionate and hopefully get to be a C cup, and not too big, since I'm athletic. She measured me, and told me that I was slightly asymmetrical on one side, then she had me put my bra back on and she couldn't feel a difference in my breasts with my bra on, so she concluded that I wasn't as asymmetrical as she originally thought. I asked her about possible risks associated with the surgery, but she kept going back to her point about what size I should be. She told me to "be greedy", and go bigger than I wanted to go. Then she told me that when I decided to schedule my surgery with her, I would have to place down a (NONREFUNDABLE) $1000 deposit to hold my surgery slot, and at that time, we would go over the risks "in depth" (but we hadn't even discussed any risks yet at this consult)! She told me she had to leave for a moment to check on another patient in the next room, but she would bring in her book of before-and-after photos for me to look at while I was waiting. She never brought the book to me, and we waited for 15 minutes in the room waiting for her to come back.


Then we were brought into a room so I could have some photos taken, and from there, we moved to another room to try on sizers. This time, it was with a medical assistant, and she insisted that 250cc would be the biggest that I should go. Then I saw the doctors before and after album, and all of her after pictures appeared crooked, even though the women looked even before their surgeries. This skeeved me out a little bit, because this should be her BEST examples of her work, and I actually felt bad for the women who had those results. So my husband and I left with some papers she gave me (which were the wrong pamphlets, not for a first Breast Augmentation, but for breast reduction surgery).


After this experience, I couldn't remember why I would have wanted to do this in the first place. I felt frustrated, and very scared. I went home, Googled the doctors name, and found 2 negative reviews by women who had surgery by her (one had a breast reduction, the other had an augmentation). They both basically said: "Nice doctor, but does not have skills for surgery. Do not let this woman cut you." My friend was shocked to hear about my experience and the bad reviews, since she had a good experience with this doctor and her practice.


After a few weeks, I started doing more research on other doctors. I found one who sounded really good, who had been doing surgery since the late 60's. I scheduled a consultation with him for 2 weeks later, and from the first phone call, I could tell his staff was very professional and nice. I looked him up online and he was the chief of plastic and reconstructive surgery at 2 different hospitals, and I was impressed with his qualifications. He had no before and after pictures on his website.


Two weeks later, my husband and I went to see the second surgeon. His staff was so NICE…..very welcoming, and not snobbish in the least. The doctor was great, too. He was very pleasant, and agreed with what I was looking for (natural, not over the top, and to balance everything out). I also told him that I wanted to go big enough so that it was worth going through the surgery, I didn't want to end up too small, either. We discussed possible risks, and the pros and cons of both silicone and saline.


The surgeon said I was a great candidate for both types of implants, and we discussed the types of incisions. He had plenty of experience with all types of incisions, and I told him I'd feel best with a crease incision. We discussed over the muscle, and under the muscle. He said for someone of my age and body type, he preferred under the muscle (which is what I wanted, too, from doing my own research beforehand). He examined my breasts, and told me that most women are asymmetrical (in fact, everyone is in some way) and that my left breast was slightly smaller than the right. He said it was hardly noticeable. I felt very at ease with discussing my options with the doctor, and not pressured in any way.


After speaking with him, another nurse came in and we looked at his before and after books. They were all outstanding results; some women were uneven before surgery, and they were uneven after, but that was to be expected. Other than that, everyone looked natural, comfortable, and not "bolted on". If you stood next to one of his patients at the store, you would think she was BORN with a great body. That same night, immediately after my consult, I scheduled my surgery for a month later. I felt very comfortable with the doctor, and so did my husband. They didn't try to push me into anything, and they didn't immediately ask me for my credit card the moment I walked in the door. My surgery date was for a month and a half later. My pre-op was scheduled for 2 weeks prior to my surgery date. I would have to pay the balance of my surgery the day of my pre-op.


At my pre-op, we again discussed that the size I wanted; my doctor measured me again, and told me that since I am petite and have tight skin, we might have limitations on how big I could go, and we would try to go for 325cc-350cc (I requested silicone), but we might need to settle on 300cc, depending on what my body would allow. I was okay with that.. seeing that I trusted my doctor, and I'd rather be safe than sorry, and not end up with complications later on down the road for just a few extra CC's.


My Plastic Surgeon answered my other questions, and I spoke with him and the nurse about what I was not to take for the next 2 weeks before surgery, and things to have on hand for after surgery. I was given paperwork to take home with me (was actually a "timetable"- like a calendar for each day for the 2 weeks prior to surgery, things to get ready, when to start my antibiotics, etc. it was very handy). My surgery time was set, and I was excited for the next 2 weeks to go by. I was given my prescriptions to have filled (2 were for anti-nausea, one of which was a pill to take day of surgery, and one was a patch to wear behind my ear; antibiotics, a pain med (percocet), and a muscle relaxant).


The day of my surgery finally arrived. I took my anti-nausea medication, I wore some yoga pants, a zip up hoodie sweatshirt, and some warm fuzzy socks and sneakers. When we got to the facility, we were both brought into a room, so I could chance into a johnnie, and my husband stayed with me while we spoke with the nurse and she took my BP and vitals. She told my husband approximately how long the surgery would take, and she took his cell number down so they could call him (in case he wanted to go somewhere and not wait around) to come pick me up. After that, he left, and the anesthesiologist came in and asked me questions regarding my health, and told me what would happen as far as anesthesia. Then the surgical nurse came in with my surgeon, we discussed again that I might not be able to go as big as I wanted, but he said he would give me the best that my body could handle, since I did not have much tissue to begin with, I'm petite, and have tight skin. He made his surgical markings, I was given a hair net thing, and off we went to the surgery room.


I was told to lie down on the nice comfy table, and the anesthesiologist started working on my IV on one side of the table, while the nurse on the other side, put things on my legs and a pillow bolster thing under my knees. We talked for a little bit, and then the next thing I felt myself getting sleepy. They asked how I felt and I said, "sleepy.." and that was the last thing I remembered.


It felt like 5 minutes later, but then, I was awake, and the nurse asked me how I felt. I felt very sore (I didn't get the "elephant" on my chest like everyone describes), but very sore, and she put more pain meds in my IV. She also gave me one of my Percocets with some ginger ale. My husband was brought in, and we sat for awhile. The nurse told me I got 300cc, and if we had gone bigger, the doctor would not have been able to properly suture me closed, and I would have ended up with complications later down the road. So I was happy, at least I would be bigger than before surgery--anything was better than that!


When I was ready, my husband helped me put my shoes on (I was already dressed when he came in) and the nurse brought me out to his truck in a wheelchair. The ride home did hurt, I felt every bump, but I brought a pillow to hold onto (on the advice from ladies from the forum). Once I got home, I slept a lot. I had my couch made up in advance with lots of pillows. In advance, I put lots of chick flicks on my Netflix so I would have some "good stuff" to watch while I was hanging out at home.


My husband took great care of me for that first day, and the next day, my mom came over. I was very sore, and I had a hard time realizing that I shouldn't (and couldn't) use my arms to push myself up to get up from sitting down, etc. Once I realized that when I wanted to get up, I had to "roll" carefully to the side and use my legs to push myself up. I took my Percocets and they seemed to help, but as soon as I was able to, I started Motrin instead. I hated the feeling of the percocets, although they did help the pain.


My recovery wasn't nearly as bad as I had imagined. Just a lot of rest and taking it easy. My post-op appointments have gone very well, and I'm healing great. I love my new breasts, and I am so happy that I was able to have this surgery done. It was worth the money and the pain, even though it wasn't as bad as I expected. I would recommend this procedure to anyone who understands the risks and is able to financially and emotionally handle going through it... While it is a physical surgery, your emotions play a large role in it, too.. I felt sad some days, and I think just the stress of it all took its toll.


I'm still a little disappointed I didn't get to go larger (uhm, and I didn't even have a CHOICE to go larger, which is frustrating to have paid a lot of money and not totally get what you want), but I look great so far, and they look very natural. I am happy now and I am glad I did it. I wouldn't have changed a thing, I have a great doctor and I am very comfortable with my choice in choosing a surgeon. If I do decide to go bigger, at least I will have a choice later on to have my implants exchanged for a bigger size.



                                         Before Breast Augmentation - 34B




After Breast Augmentation 300cc Silicone Implants - Post Op: 34C




Krystal's Stats:

  • 300cc Silicone - Moderate Profile

  • Pre Op: 34B - Post-Op:  34C




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