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Micropigmentation or Permanent Makeup Consult Questions



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1.  Ask the micropigmentation artist or technician their background and training.


2.  What is the length of time that they have been doing micropigmentation?


3.  Did you pass the examinations for Board Certification with the state?


4.  Make sure your technician uses disposable needles.


5.  Ask what pigments are used.  Iron oxides and titanium dioxide are two pigments that will not   cause problems.


6.  If the technician uses synthetic organic pigments, make sure you ask if there has ever been an allergic reaction to this compound.


7.  Ask the technician if the micropigmentation make-up is permanent or whether it will fade some.  This is an important question, as if the technician answers it is permanent, then you might want to go on some other consults.  All colors soften and fade over time and need to be refreshed every year or two.  Eyebrow colors need to have retouching done - especially those with browns, gold, or gray.


8.  Inquire whether or not your technician can offer the following:

  • advanced procedures like color correction

  • hair-strokes for the brows

  • lip colors and or eyeliner that will not turn "tattoo blue"



9.  Ask your technician if their eyeliner colors contain any ink (Pelikan Ink). For regular tattoos these type of inks are fine, but when used for eyeliner - these inks have a tendency of migrating or spreading under the skin and can resemble a permanent bruise.



10.  Ask about pain control during the procedure.  Some technicians have been known to have a medical professional come in to administer injections of a local anesthetic (dental block) to help control the pain when doing full lips and / or lip liner.  Most technicians use topical anesthetics to help control the pain.




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