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Phoenix’s Story

  • Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair


My Tummy Tuck journey started years ago. I found out I was pregnant with my son on the 31st December 1999 so I had a very boring new millennium!!  But, was of course very pleased. This pregnancy saw me gain 30kgs which I think is 66lbs so since I only weighed 120lbs to begin with you can imagine the damage it caused.


I managed to lose all the weight and my stomach wasn’t pretty but I may well have been able to live with it, maybe…..


Fast forward to 2004; I fell pregnant with my daughter. This time I was adamant I would not put on as much weight so I swam and walked every day, walking every day right up until I gave birth to her and I watched what I ate. I still put on 66 lbs. aaagggghhhhh!!


I nearly but never quite lost all of the weight this time and I am a very active sportsperson and do watch what I eat. This time the damage to my stomach was irreparable and UGLY!!!


So I have definitely wanted a Tummy Tuck since then. I would go through phases of looking up surgeons on the internet but never got any further. The summer of January 2008  we had been on a family holiday at a fun park, I was on a roller coaster with my daughter and I saw the photo :o(  Now I was wearing a t-shirt and short shorts and standing up looked quite thin with no problem at all. As the photo revealed sitting down was a whole different story, all you could see was this disgusting bulge of skin rolling over the top of the shorts! I saw this and said that’s it I’m going to do something about this!


I really started researching and made an appt with a Plastic Surgeon which was a plane flight away but DH and I went anyway. He was lovely, explained that no amount of exercise was going to fix my problem in fact any more weight loss would just make it sag more so a Full Tummy Tuck with Muscle Repair and minor liposuction to the flanks was his recommendation. He sent me a quote which was quite expensive.


Immediately after this appointment I found an internet forum for cosmetic surgery and met Bailey and many of the other wonderful ladies here. They made me feel so welcome and answered all of the many questions I had. I saw people come and go getting the their surgery done while I still waited.


I wanted to play my sport season out as it was very important to me and I’m glad I did as I was very successful this year but it meant a long wait.


I was planning on surgery - November 2008; so had from March till then to take all the info in I could.  In the meantime I met a lady who showed me her real life Tummy Tuck and she looked awesome! She also told me her surgeon was in the area I live in so it would mean a 2 hour car ride rather than the cost of a flight so I booked to see him.  He was great and about $4,000 cheaper so I booked my surgery date for 21st November.


I was not nervous even while I was being prepped for surgery; I just felt it was right. Once I was in the operating theatre however the panic set in but that’s when they gave me some fantastic drug through the IV and wow that’s the last thing I remember.


I woke up in recovery in a bit of pain but they soon gave me some pain meds and anti nausea meds. I was soon back in my hospital room. I did try to get up to the toilet a bit soon and felt very nauseous and dizzy but again the anti nausea meds fixed that.


I was on a pain pump until the next morning which I’m sure I needed but I did not like the groggy feeling it gave me as I was up and down the toilet quite regularly. The next morning I went straight to oral medication and had my 1st shower, 2 drains and all!  I was discharged the after 2 nights in hospital.


I have been only in mild discomfort but will admit I hated my drains! They hurt a lot but I know they were there for a reason and I would rather that fluid be out than remain in!


Once they were removed at day seven and I was like a free woman, it was just amazing, far more mobile and I slept so much better.


At 10 days had my Belly Button stitches out but I still was swollen and much bruised but I could see there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  Physically I felt good, slightly hunched with mild lower back pain was my only complaint. I was able to drive. I still took it easy though as all my good forum friends pointed out that I only had one chance to recover and I didn’t want to ruin anything.


At 2 weeks there was a significant change, I was starting to see my waist again but was still swollen and badly bruised, at this time I was taking arnica orally and using the cream as well.  I went back to work after 16 days in a part time predominately desk job.  This was too soon and I found it very hard so luckily was able to reduce my hours even more as I found by lunchtime I was getting very tired and sore.  I did this for 2 weeks and now in my third week back at work I will attempt to do my full hours.


I am now one month Post Operative I had had my checkup with my Plastic Surgeon who was extremely pleased with me and am finally starting to fit some of my old clothes, YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I still definitely have swelling but I feel great at what is to come now.  I have much more energy and can do much more (like shopping, Lol!) but still get sore when I overdo it.


Here are some of my pictures along the way, remember I am only 1 month Post Op so still have a way to go but I am very happy with the results so far.


I would absolutely recommend a Tummy Tuck to anyone as I have had no complications so far but also want to add I couldn’t have done it without all of my forum friends who have been there for me every step of the way so a owe them all a HUGE Thank-you.


Phoenix     xox




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