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Princess’s Story 

  • Breast Augmentation

  • Breast Lift


I did lots of online research about breast augmentation, the risks, and various doctors, prior to getting up the nerve to "go see" if it was for me or not. I even made appointments then canceled them at the last minute because I chickened out earlier this year. Then around springtime 2008, I made (and kept) all the appointments I made with the Plastic Surgeons I wanted to see for consults. Some turned out to be way too expensive, while others I just did not like their attitude -- we didn’t get along so why in the world would I want them cutting me open?  I needed a Plastic Surgeon I had faith in and also of course one that was qualified. I wanted to feel comfortable telling him how I wanted to "change" my body. I wanted to also see photos of his work of how he's done successful work on other patients too.


Finally, I made my choice after going on a few consults -- and decided on a surgeon out of state in Florida. It was a little bit more convoluted due to the travel, but hopefully it would be worth the trip. Also, the price quotes are vastly different depending on the state you are in also I found out, I could not afford some of the ones saying $9K for a Breast Augmentation -- what? Are they crazy!

I went in April 2008 to get it done. I did not tell anyone. Not even my immediate family -- no one except my fiancÚ knows I had it done. When I returned now friends just think I have a really amazing Victoria Secret bra on.  I have not really worn any tight clothes yet, I think I'm still adjusting. I had to throw all my bras and tops out - that was one thing I did not think of (or plan out for!) I couldn’t fit into my tops for work anymore. So now I am wearing 2-3 tops that I hurried at buying, which has depressed me. Unfortunately, when I do go to shop, I cannot fit into any tops! I try the large, I can not fit into it ...I try XL barely fits! ...and often there's not XXL! It is much harder for me to shop for clothes now.

My fiancÚ reluctantly took care of me. He said I was fine the way I was and didn’t really need a breast augmentation. He did however; take me to my surgery and pre-op/post-op appointments but that was it.

I ended up choosing Mentor Mod Plus 500ccs, and during surgery he filled them to 580ccs. The surgery went very well; I do not remember anything really other than being on the operating table.  Next they gave me anti-nausea meds in my IV, then something else to help me relax in my IV, and then I was out cold.  I woke up with new implants, and a breast lift with tape on the incisions, and I remember it hurt very badly!  It felt like four cement blocks had fallen onto my chest and no one was helping to remove them or help me upright!  The nurses wheeled me out to my fiancÚ in a wheelchair, and we exited the office thru this side door.  Someone ended up going and getting the car for us, in which I got in finally. I remember it felt like someone had tossed me in! 


Arriving back at the hotel, the recovery at first was horrible. I would sleep between 4-6 hours and then woke up just to take my pain medication.  One thing I want to stress is to make sure you take Milk of Magnesia or some other stool softener as the pain medication or Vicodin can constipate you.  Someone else told me that little hint before my surgery and it helped me out a lot.  Also make sure you drink lots of water. 


It was difficult to get up to go to the restroom without assistance.  For the next 4 nights, I had to wake up my fiancÚ in the middle of the night to help me, and this didn’t make him very happy at all.   Unfortunately, he also smoked at the time, and would not stop smoking around me.  I do believe that this contributed to my slow healing time.  I had a lot of stress going through my recovery period, and this did not make my plastic surgeon happy either.


I unfortunately have a low pain threshold, so I was in more pain than a lot of other women.  This pain continued for two weeks following surgery.  The pain medication was not working, so I ended up having to get another type to help with the pain.  The recovery the lift and augmentation took me over a month to feel better; I was in bed for a week (in Florida no less ...that was no vacation!


I was a saggy 36B starting out – and it was recommended that I get a slight lift with this augmentation. One bright note is that I hardly have any scars at all.  I am very happy about that. I was worried as I have darker skin and that is always a risk with hypertrophic or keloid scars. I ended up using Bio Oil every day on the scars after my Steri-Strips came off. I believe that helped me tremendously with healing with the scars.

My breast appearance: I am much happier with the appearance of my breasts in bras now. However, if they NOT in a bra - and I am naked I do not like my appearance because they are still too loose.  I thought once I got my breast lift and implants they would not be hanging however unfortunately they still are.  


I probably should have gotten a more invasive lift. I want the breast to be UP and perky, and it bothers me that they are still not that way.  For example, if I lay down flat on the bed my breasts will fall over into my armpit. I HATE that. I feel like WHY did I pay all this money for implants and lift if they are still in my armpits?  It did that before!  I may have to do a revision one day and get a more invasive lift.  I would also like to get silicone next time rather than the saline I have now.


My advice for others:

  • Definitely make sure your plastic surgeon is board certified.

  • NO STRESS - it does affect healing -- it affected mine.

  • Leave your Steri-strips on as long as possible; then use Bio Oil on your scars after you get the okay from your plastic surgeon. It does wonders for fading the scars.

  • No one controls your body decisions except for YOU.


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